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Back to Back Games in the NHL

Linesmakers can continually get close to the outcome in the NHL.  As stats and metrics improve the ability to cap the games, there are still scenarios that elude their grasps.  One of these is a common situation that all teams go through.  It is the period of the same game on the consecutive days schedule.  Tonight is a case in point where the Flyers have to go the Stars on 12/11.

ML and PL Differences

The gap between the moneyline and puckline for the Stars is immense. A -205 in comparison to a + 130 of the 1 1/2 goal is value ridden.  Think of it.  Dallas has now fully rested after a long road trip with two days off in Dallas.  Combine that with their power play snapping back into shape going 2 for 3 the other night.  Finally, add a Flyers win in St. Louis and travel to Dallas.  All of this equates an exploitable angel with a 135 point difference in price.


There is only one major trend that has derailed Dallas this year.  After road trips of four games or more, the first game back at home they languish.  After the loss or surrendering four goal leads, the Stars find their energy and do well at home for the rest of the stay.

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Posted by Wise Guy