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How to Win Betting Major League Baseball

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Sports fans love to bet on the baseball, especially favorite teams like the New York Yankees and Los Angeles Dodgers. While fans love to play fantasy sports and bet on MLB games, most are unclear on how to produce higher winning percentages.Winning MLB picks is a matter of having access to the best information available.

Bettors need trusted data from professionals like those at Game Advisers, which allows players to benefit from the most advanced betting advice system in the industry. They also need to find trusted sportsbooks.

Use Multiple Sportsbooks

In a perfect world, a bettor would have access to three sportsbooks – one sharp, one square, and one that offers reduced juice. 

Sharp sportsbooks cater to the professional bettors. They take the highest limits on games, often taking six-figure bets on big games like playoff games or the World Series.

Square sportsbooks cater to the novice or casual bettor. They have low limits and normally have better lines on underdogs and Unders. That’s because the casual bettor tends to bet on favorites and Overs. Squares are usually a ½-point or more off the market average when it comes to pricing.

Sportsbooks typically charge a -110 vigorish on both sides of a bet, favorite or underdog. Reduced juice sportsbooks will have lines of -105 or -106. Everyday bettors like the reduced vig. They also like that they only need to win 51.22 percent of the time – compared to 52.38 percent  at -110 – to break even.

Be Wary of Streaks

Bettors need to be careful of streaks whether they are good or bad. There is a tendency to overreact. Remember, good systems win in the long run. That is why bettors should be sure to maintain a consistent unit size when betting. Most experts like a bet of two to five percent of the bankroll on a particular game. The specific amount depends upon how aggressive the bettor wants to be.

Fight the urge to increase the bankroll during a winning streak. Stick to the system and reap the benefits of long-term gains. 

Use a Proven Advice System

Being able to shop for the best lines and sticking to your betting strategy are important pieces of the puzzle in becoming a successful MLB bettor. Remember, you have to have access to information and you can get that with Game Advisers.

The Game Advisers system combines a wealth of data to help you make the best MLB picks against the spread. The betting advice from Game Advisers uses a combination of data from sharp players around the world, data from professional handicappers, data from internal experts, and finally statistics and trends to assist bettors in making MLB betting picks. 

The system is continuously being improved and enhanced to make sure that it delivers the best MLB picks tonight and every night. Game Advisers helps bettors spend less time analyzing data and more time making successful MLB picks. Players simply use the data, picks, and advice provided by the system to help them make their own picks as a sports bettor.

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