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Betting Sports-Does Anyone Ever Really Win?

This is question most asked by our survey respondents. The answer is unequivocally yes! Unfortunately, the truth is overwhelming majority of sports bettors do lose and the reason is simple. Most gamblers can’t handle the fact winning and losing comes in streaks –that’s the nature of the beast. When things go a little south, many gamblers begin “chasing” their money. On the other hand, when things pick up most gamblers don’t believe it will continue-so they shave down their bets and fail to “ride out” a winning streak to its full potential. Bottom line: Even if you hook up with a competent handicapper, you still have to learn to keep your emotions in check and manage your money the right way. Most legit handicappers will take time to help you outline a beneficial money management system which will allow you to stay afloat during the down times and to take advantage of winning streaks even more.