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Big Apple Betting Bonanza for World Series Profit

Few things fuel the fires of speculation like a sweep.  The Cubs got bounced in a four game series with nary an outcome even that close.  Dominant pitching, one streaky hitter, and speed on the base path produced a wagering windfall for all of us as the World Series approaches.  Find out why one ALCS team is a much better matchup against the Mets than the other one.  Here at A1 Service Plays, we give you the roadmap for baseball post season profit free of charge, right here and right now.

Path to Profit

For a series winner in the upcoming fall classic, here is the order of the three most important factors for you to consider.

  1. Ability to manufacture runs.
  2. Overall starting pitching staff
  3. Closers

Notice where power hitting comes in these modern times.  It does not.  True it fills the seats and produces regular season wins.  However, when faced with the above average or higher starting quality staff in the playoffs, power usually dries up. Think about the Detroit Tigers.  They even had an excellent pitching staff.  However, their bats grew so silent that nary a run crossed the plate for them.  This was a major part why the Cubs got bounced in a sweep this year.

KC Closer to NYM than Tornoto

Can you imagine the public salivating over the Mets’ pitching against the power of the Jays?  A few fireworks and a highly probable five to six game win by the team from New York.  Kansas City is much better to try and tame the starters from the Mets.  They have the speed and small ball to create runs by means other than power.  Their rotation is much lower than New York but is close enough to let the Royals at least compete.

This is how strong the Mets are right now.  The one factor that might get in their way is Matt Harvey.  Arm tired and a gimpy elbow might shorten their staff.  However, remember that the Mets were perfectly willing to go to a six man rotation.  Depth should not be a concern.  Only all the oddities that the Royals can throw at you could get in the way.  Good fortune and tune in later in the week as all the touts come out with their picks here at A1 Service Plays.

Posted by Wise Guy