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Betting 101

Live Betting – What You Need to Know

Live Betting - What You Need to Know

Live betting is one of the most exciting components of sports wagering throughout the world. This form of wagering offers sports bettors an exciting alternative to traditional sports wagering. ... read more ->

Why Betting Props Is So Popular

Why Betting Props Is So Popular

We often get asked, why is betting props so popular. As always, we’re here to help. The task of picking winners day in and day out can sometimes feel daunting. When you lose a few in a row,... read more ->

National Championship Play In Games

This odd string of words used to be associated with scrubs trying to make the field of sixty four in college basketball.  Now a committee of thirteen has transformed it into an event all... read more ->

Basketball Bankroll Builders

Professional basketball is flourishing now that the landscape of the NBA is becoming clear.  Patterns are emerging on which teams are of good wagering value.  This goes beyond the wins and... read more ->

Big Apple Betting Bonanza for World Series Profit

Few things fuel the fires of speculation like a sweep.  The Cubs got bounced in a four game series with nary an outcome even that close.  Dominant pitching, one streaky hitter, and speed... read more ->