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College Football Odds : Out of the Gate in Week Five

Catching the college football odds before they turn on you is an exercise in profitability.  On breaks during the day, one can access the price that the market is offering on your favorite teams or investment opportunities.  When the site that you tap into this data is also a rock solid institution to book your bets then you are ahead of the pack on the path of profitability.  Let us check the current lines at America’s Bookie for Week Five in College Football to see where the lay of the land is on fast moving games.

College Football Odds : Georgia Tech

North Carolina visits the very polarizing Yellow Jackets of Georgia Tech.  Their games are one of the more straight forward encounters to handicap.  They feature an offense that is very one dimensional in the option attack.  Your main concern is evaluating the talent of the opposition.  If you find that Georgia Tech has the advantage in this then they will overwhelm their foe.  However, if a team presents a more equal matchup then this one trick pony will buck off those that ride them for profit.  The verdict in North Carolina has come in and this ACC matchup at 3:30 PM is more equal than the linemakers have it.  Line has dropped from -10 to -7.  Verdict : Wait til it creeps up to + 7 1/2 and invest in the Tar Heels of North Carolina.

Big Ten’s Allergy to Large Spreads

Top two teams in the nation come from the Big Ten.  Sad to say for fans of those teams that if you wagered the spread on them that you would be 1-7.  The main reason for this is that Michigan State and Ohio State both do not do well against monster spreads.  While not the three yards and a cloud of dust conference, these two programs are mainly interested in winning until their key November contest comes around.  The winner should snag a playoff spot.  Now what happens when a mid 24 or so point spread is given to Purdue when they venture into East Lansing?  Why it gets bet all the way down to -21 on the Spartans!  Good news is that their is still time to react as this wager will probably have value until it hits -19.

Good fortune from us at A1serviceplays.  These two free picks are from a collaboration of handicapping minds.  Stay tuned and see what else the sharps have to say about college football this week at A1 Service Plays.


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