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San Diego Chargers

So why back a San Diego team that is 2-8 and has lost six in a row? A combination of Philip Rivers, a due factor and the Jaguars being overpriced.

Jacksonville doesn’t beat teams. Opponents lose to them. There’s a difference. San Diego is approaching this matchup as a challenge and a test of character.

Non-division foes usually treat the Jaguars with overconfidence.

Yes, the Jaguars are better than last season. Their defense is more competitive and Blake Bortles has improved in his second season. But the Jaguars still are not very good. They’ve gone six consecutive games with at least one turnover. Bortles is always live for a pick-six and has been sacked more than any other quarterback during the last two seasons. The Chargers’ pass rush has gotten better recording 18 sacks during their last seven games.

Rivers makes the Chargers competitive. He’s having another super season throwing for the second-most yards in the league while leading the NFL in completions and throwing for 19 touchdowns.

San Diego was blown out by the Chiefs in their last game. People remember that. Maybe they should also recall the Chargers losing to the then unbeaten Bengals by five points, nearly forcing overtime against the Packers when they were stopped at the 3-yard line on fourth down and goal at the end of the game and falling to Baltimore on the last play of the game. All of those games were on the road.

When it comes to coaching, I like Mike McCoy much better than Gus Bradley. McCoy is innovative and tough on non-division foes not familiar with him. Bradley is too conservative, one of those many coaches who plays not to lose rather than win.