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1-Unit Play. Take #720 Oklahoma (-8)
over Wisconsin (2:30 p.m., Sunday, Nov. 29)

This spread is kind of begging for people to take Wisconsin. But this is really not a good Badgers team at all. Oklahoma is overrated. They are not a legit Final Four-caliber team and, honestly, I can’t remember the last big game that Lon Kruger or the Sooners won. However, they are at home in Norman and right now that place has to be buzzing. After the huge Sooners football win yesterday and now a big hoops game today I think the place will be electric. Throw in the fact that this is a revenge game for Oklahoma after they got bombed in Madison last year and I think this one is lining up well for the home team. Wisconsin really only has two guys that can do anything and they aren’t really equipped to take advantage of the Sooners on the inside, where they are vulnerable. Oklahoma could be ready for a statement game. And this one sets up as well as any.

1-Unit Play. Take #723 Delaware (+12.5)
over Temple (5 p.m., Sunday, Nov. 29)

I know Temple has played well so far this year against really, really good competition. But I’m still not a big fan of this team. They don’t score consistently and after playing in a big tournament last week I don’t expect them to be up for this game. Delaware has four starters back from last year’s rebuilding effort. They are well coached and they can do a couple things well. I think this game means infinitely more to the Blue Hens and I think they can hang around in what should be an ugly game.

2-Unit Play. Take #736 Xavier (-2)
over Dayton (4:30 p.m., Sunday, Nov. 29)

We’re kind of poking the bear right now by betting against Dayton. They have done nothing but wreck people early on the season and have been an ATS machine the last two years. But here’s the thing: I still don’t think this team is all that good. And, really, who have they beaten? Iowa is flaky. Monmouth is, well, Monmouth, and their other three games were all at home. Xavier is legit. They have NBA-caliber talents and they play well together. They bombed Michigan in Ann Arbor – no small feat – and they dominated USC in this tournament. They are the better team here. I know Dayton has a great system and they excel at slowing teams down and out-executing them. But I really just think they are a little overrated and due for a small does of reality.

1-Unit Play. Take #738 Notre Dame (-10)
over Alabama (7 p.m., Sunday, Nov. 29)

Alabama stinks. Notre Dame does not. The end. I know it seems like Bama turned some kind of corner by beating Wichita State. But the Shockers are a mess right now and dealing with a ton of crucial injury issues. Alabama has been demolished in games against Dayton and Xavier, two teams in Notre Dame’s class. The Irish shook off their loss against Monmouth with a nice win over Iowa. I see them out-executing this flaky Alabama team and getting an easy win today.

2-Unit Play. Take #739 Evansville (+2)
over UC-Irvine (2:30 p.m., Sunday, Nov. 29)

I just think that Evansville is the better team here by a pretty wide margin. Irvine is big. But Evansville has some nice size and these guys can invert their offense and get those big men away from the basket. Evansville’s best two big men can match Irvine’s, and Evansville has the better guards. I just think that the wrong team is favored here.

1-Unit Play. Take #746 Michigan State (-7.5)
over Providence (10 p.m., Sunday, Nov. 29)

I’ll just keep saying it: Michigan State and Kansas are the two best teams in the country right now. And this game is going to go very similarly to how Kansas’ went to wrap up the Maui Invitational. They blew out UCLA and then handled Vandy. Michigan State has dominated Boston College and Boise State and now I see them wrapping it up with another win here. Kris Dunn is awesome. But I think that some of the young Friars have been playing over their heads a bit. Michigan State’s defense will frustrate them and Providence hasn’t played a team yet that has the kind of offensive firepower than the Spartans bring to this one. Michigan State is built for and wins these games. This is where Providence’s youtch catches up with them.

2-Unit Play. TEASER: Take #720 Oklahoma (-3) over Wisconsin (2:30 p.m., Sunday, Nov. 29) AND Take #746 Michigan State (-2.5) over Providence (10 p.m.)