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Great job on cashing in on another win on Orlando today. Lets finish up these two series today! We are now a perfect 17-0 to start the NBA season on both the official as well as unofficial bets, with no end to this mind-boggling winning streak anywhere in sight! That is just simply the magic of my NBA Betting system!

Let’s bring it up to 19-0 today! Here are the upcoming system bet(s):

Denver {B} bet – This is a confirmed official bet

Lakers {B} bet – This is a unofficial bet because of the road record filter

Note that all bets labeled with either {B} or {C} are Exterminator system plays. Bet a flat percentage of your bankroll as instructed in the system manual.

Make sure to follow the Exterminator NBA System guidelines below:

– All {A} bets are not part of the Exterminator system. Unless, however, if you have the ability to buy 3 points at -170 odds, then it is strongly advisable to place a small wager on all the {A} bets with buying 3 points, up to 5% of your bankroll. This is an optional betting strategy, which has proven to be a profitable one based on my research. Buying 3 points on {A} bets has won over 65% of the time over the years, so you should bet on {A} bets if you can buy 3 points at -170 odds.

-All {B} and {C} bets are qualified under both the original NBA system as well as the Exterminator system. For the Exterminator system, bet a flat percentage of your bankroll on both {B} and {C} bets. You do not need to buy any points on these bets under the Exterminator system.

– Remember to bet on the point spread (handicap line)

– If your team is a favorite, bet on the money line. If the team is a big favorite resulting in odds that are too unfavorable for you to be comfortable with, then you can either optionally skip the series, or bet on the point spread, but do not continue betting on the series if your team wins the game but the bet does not cover.

Always consider the injury and the best/worst road team filters. Check the injuries to ensure your team’s best player isn’t out. I will always make my best effort to notify you of game-changing injuries whenever I am aware of them to ensure that you don’t make wagers on team that don’t pass the injury filter. However, I cannot make guarantees that I will always be able to be on top of every single injury, every game, every day, at all times. Some teams may hold off on releasing relevant injury information until much later in the day. A bet will be unofficial if it does not pass the filters of the system. Ultimately as a bettor, I always strongly encourage that if there’s any uncertainty about the status of your team’s best player for a game that you always check on final injury updates.

Good luck,
The “Champ” Team