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Dave Essler | NFL Total Sun, 09/13/15 – 1:00 PM

triple-dime bet – 465 KAN / 466 HOU – UNDER 42.0
Analysis: I’ve been keeping an eye on this one for some time and decided to fire when Arian Foster got hurt in practice and will likely miss most of the season. I’ve been super-high on the Texans defense, picking up Wilfork and getting Clowney healthy cannot hurt. There just aren’t may teams that are going to run on them, and the Chiefs are just not a dynamic offense. Conversely the Houston QB situation is still very up in the air, and although I like both Mallet and Hoyer coming from New Englands’ system, neither of them have looked goo early. Even on their best days, Mallett doesn’t have the game experience and Hoyer is simply serviceable. Houston has the skill position players at WR/TE – but you’ve got to run the ball to get the time to get THEM the ball, and the Chiefs defense is every bit of “good”. I’ll add to this at some point, but since I did put it out there I want you to know the basic premise here.