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Millionaires —- Florida

No Limit — Air Force

When you are not used to the triple option, it can be a daunting task to stop it. That is what’s ahead for the San Diego St Aztecs in the Mountain West Championship Game today. The Cadets know how to grind, control the tempo, chew up the clock and frustrate defenses. They racked up over 300 yards against Utah St and Boise. Few teams have seen anything like this offense and there is not enough time to prepare and practice for it. Defensively, Air Force has the linebackers to stop the weak passing attack if one can call it that. Count on the Aztecs to run the ball. Donnell Pumphrey is their go to man and will be eyed by the Falcons “D”. He is all they have having racked up 100 yards + 12 times in a row. With Air Forces own ground game, they should be able to keep Pumphrey’s off the field as the clock is managed correctly with a great game plan and play calling. This game has a 20-17 score written all over it. With the points, it will not make a difference which team scores 20.


Pinnacle — Iowa

It’s number 4 vs number 5 with one of the 2 advancing to the series playoff bowl games. Iowa is clearly the better “all-around” team. They excel at defense to counter the Spartans minimal offense. The control the clock with the run and grind it out type tiring offense. Their special teams and the ability to return the ball is spectacular. The one area that the Spartans have up on the Hawkeyes is quarterback Connor Cook. The Hawkeyes will have to pay special attention as he will attempt to hook up with WR Aaron Burbridge who has more than a few 100 yard pass catching days. But, Iowa has the anecdote in all-American Desmond King. This match-up will clearly be Burbridge’s most difficult test. This Iowa team may be the best in the Country in the “all-around” game. They play extremely focused. They manage the clock. They mass produce turn-overs. They rarely are penalized. And the grind it for 5 yards at a time. They will never beat themselves. Michigan St proved they could defeat Ohio St on the road. Then last week they had to defeat Penn St to get into this Championship game. Now they are where they and few expected them to be with the pressure to beat the little school that had the easy schedule. Pressure games have a way of allowing the underdog an equalizer resulting in upsets as will happen today.