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The Florida Gators at The Alabama Crimson Tide

I’m not fond of taking teams giving lots of points, but
hopefully we’ll find Alabama’s line benevolent after the game.

Coach Saban commented that any team that makes it to
the SEC championship game has to be outstanding.

That may have been true earlier in the season, but probably not now, and not if your facing Alabama.

1) Has one of the best defensive fronts in football rivaling.
2) Has very few injuries
3) Would like to win by a wide margin to ensure eligibility for the playoffs.
4) Has won four in a row in the series, outscoring Florida 143-47.

1) Just can’t convert offensively right now. They scored
a) 2 points against Florida State
b) 20 against Florida Atlantic who’s 3-9 while playing one of the weakest strength of schedules in college football.
c) 24 against South Carolina who let The Citadel score 23 points the following week.
2) The Gators have had numerous recent press conferences.
Anything can happen, but they certainly don’t appear confident right now.
3) Florida’s injury list contains 14 players either added or maintained since their last game.

I like Alabama -17 (5:30 AM EST)