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12:00 EST
Rotation #321-322
Temple +6 over Houston
Houston has been remarkable this year and so has Temple. Houston has overcome a banged up offensive line a hobble starting running back and a QB who still is banged up. Temple has speed on defense and I believe they can contain Houston’s Offense. Greg Ward Jr is fun to watch at just 5’10 he reminds you of Mike Vick with how he can move the chains with his feet. Temple has the speed on defense to get after this offensive line and put pressure on Ward. I think this is going to be one heck of a showdown and like the dog. Take Temple

4:00 EST
Rotation #325-326
Alabama -17 over Florida
Alabama’s Defensive Line is going to tee off on Florida today. I could really leave the write up at that. This Florida Offensive Line is not going to be able to give their new young QB time to make plays. It really is as simple as that. Any other season I would pound this under play also and it would never even be in doubt, but with penalties this year it’s just not worth it to play a total this low. Florida does not belong in this game. This is a team that took advantage of a weak schedule. I will give them credit with their defense. This team has speed on that side of the ball, but they are going to be on the field all day and Henry is going to wear them out. Bama in my opinion is the best team in the land right now and there is no reason they are not up 21+ by the half. Take Alabama.

8:00 EST
Rotation #329-330
Clemson -4.5 over UNC
UNC seems like the sexy pick. Clemson has looked awful the last month and did everything to get by. Neither team has faced much competition this season, but I do think you are going to see this UNC Defense ratted today. All season long the Heels have faced sub top 40 offenses. Clemson has the athletes to bring it and their defense can play as well as any in the nation. UNC has a great offense themselves, but I think they are in for a rude awaking against this defense. Simply put this will be the most challenging day on both sides of the ball for UNC and the toughest opponent they faced all season. I believe reality sets in today that UNC is not a playoff type team. Take Clemson.

8:15 EST
Rotation #331-332
Iowa +3.5 over Michigan State
We all know this has been a down year in football so why can’t Iowa win? 12 and 0 is 12 and 0. It is not Iowa’s fault the teams on the schedule were awful this year. Michigan State looked really bad until 2 weeks ago in a driving rain against Ohio State. The Michigan State Offense was brutal that day, but luckily for them Ohio State was even worst. State went on to beat Penn State the next week and people all of a sudden think this team is back? This pass defense has been awful all year and this team had their moments when they couldn’t stop anybody. Connor Cook is still not 100 percent and this team has a weak rushing attack. Iowa plays mistake free football and a quarterback who is tops in the nation when he gets in the red zone. This Iowa team can run the ball with multiple guys which should soften up the pass defense. Why not Iowa today? Take the Hawkeyes.