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This guy is working on 5 straight big losing weeks…free card today due to an “emergency” out of town.

$2000 Oakland +3
line screams “play the hot KC team” – no thanks

$1000 San Fran +7
line opens at Chicago -6.5 just begging for Chicago money here as the thinking at 6.5 is “they only have to win by a td” – not buying it and ill take the points

$1000 New Orleans +7
(wait on this as well as it probably crosses 7)
Saints prob playing to save coaches job here, they play well in the dome, i dont think Carolina loses, but they dont cover.

$750 tampa Pk
i know atl hasnt coverd in forever but they are just not good. you have 2 teams going in opp directions, and atl is + money – ill take the home team.

$750 Buffalo -3
i know they have injuries, yet are still laying the 3 at home, everyone on houston, ill lay the FG. Expect Rex to come up with something to get the win at home and stay in the wild card hunt

$750 St Louis +4
opens at 5.5 which is known as a “jerkoff number” – not good enough to lay a td or 6 points .. ive always faded 5.5 point favs, no need to stop here

$750 Cleveland +10
(my guy is hanging 10 this morning, if yours isnt be patient)
I can’t lay double digits on the road, plus clev has lost 5 straight ats and the books know this, line was inflated at 7, even more so at 10

$750 San Diego +4
Denver was lucky to win last week at home, i know they have dominated the division on the road, but this line screams take denver – i wont listen to what its screaming