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steve Fezzik

Boise St. -10.5 (-110)
This game has BLOWOUT written all over it … Boise State is a fringe top 30 team, white 17 starters back. Washington isn’t even a top 60 team, has just 9 starters back, and no QB … Boise has a home field worth 7 full points, and they are more than 7 points better than Washington on a neutral. Further, they have a 6-38 loss 2 years ago, to fuel the fire here Boise knows is it CRITICAL to look good to move up in the polls, they firmly believe they have a shot to go 12-0, but it has be an impressive 12-0 due to their weak schedule, to maximize where they can land in the Bowls.The power ratings love the play. The Blue TURF HFA makes it stronger. The huge edge in returning starters is a huge moneymaker early in the year.