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2015 baseball information

National League
Braves @ Nationals

Wisler is 0-3, 7.24 in his last three starts; five of his last six went over.

Zimmerman is 3-0, 5.30 in his last three starts; Nationals scored 29 runs in the three games– four of his last six went over.

Braves were outscored 67-19 in losing their last eight games (over 7-3-1 last 11); they’re 2-8 in last ten games with Washington– five of last six in series stayed under. Nationals are 7-4 in lst 11 games (over 3-1 last four).

Pirates @ Brewers
Pirates won last 11 Liriano starts, scoring 58 runs in his last eight (over 7-0-1 in those eight games).

Jungmann is 2-1, 2.76 in his last three starts (under 5-2-1 in his last eight).

Pittsburgh lost last three games (under 5-4 in last nine). Pirates lost seven of last eight games with Milwaukee (over 3-1 in last four). Brewers won four of last five games; over is 9-2-1 in their last twelve.

Giants @ Rockies
Vogelsong is 0-2, 7.88 in his last two starts; under is 3-0-1 in his last four.

Rusin is 1-4, 6.87 in his last seven starts; three of his last four stayed under.

Giants are 5-3 in last eight games with Colorado; six of last seven series tilts went over total. Rockies are 5-4 in last nine games; five of last six stayed under. Giants are 4-10 in last 14 games overall; under is 3-1-1 in their last five road games.

Dodgers @ Padres
Latos is 0-3, 6.04 in his last five starts (over 3-1 in last four).

Rea is 0-2, 9.00 in his last two starts; over 3-1 in his ’15 starts.

Dodgers just swept the Giants, are sitting pretty in NL West; they won seven of last eight games, allowing 15 runs; under is 8-2-1 in their last eleven. LA is 7-3 in last ten games with San Diego (under 5-2 in last seven). Padres lost five of last seven games (over 3-0-1 in last four).

American League
White Sox @ Twins

Samardzija is 0-6, 8.82 in his last six starts (over 7-1 in last eight).

Gibson is 1-0, 1.59 in his last two starts (under 3-1 in last four).

White Sox lost ten of last 12 games with Minnesota (over 3-1-2 in last six) Chicago is 3-7 in last ten games (over 8-4 in last 12). Twins won 10 of last 12 games; five of last eight went over.

Tigers @ Royals
Boyd is 0-3, 6.45 in his last four starts (under 4-1 in last five).

Volquez is 1-0, 4.19 in his last three starts; six of his last nine went under.

Detroit is 4-3 in last seven games with Kansas City (under 6-4). Tigers lost five of last six games, outscored 48-13 (last four over). Royals won eight of their last eleven games.

Win-loss records this year for team with this starting pitcher:
Atl-Wsh– Wisler 6-7 (0-4 last 4); Zimmerman 16-11
Pitt-Mil– Liriano 15-10 (11-0 last 11); Jungmann 9-6
SF-Col– Vogelsong 11-10; Rusin 4-11
LA-SD– Latos 8-12/2-2; Rea 2-2

Chi-Min– Samardzija 11-16 (0-6 last 6); Gibson 14-12
Det-KC– Boyd 1-6/1-4; Volquez 19-8

Times this starting pitcher allowed a run in first inning:
Atl-Wsh– Wisler 7-13; Zimmerman 9-27
Pitt-Mil– Liriano 5-26; Jungmann 2-15
SF-Col– Vogelsong 6-21; Rusin 5-15
LA-SD– Latos 7-20; Rea 1-4

Chi-Min– Samardzija 13-27; Gibson 6-26
Det-KC– Boyd 3-7; Volquez 6-27