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Hot teams
— Winnipeg won seven of its last nine home games.
— Washington won nine of its last eleven games.
— Chicago won its last six games. Colorado won its last three games, scoring 13 goals.
— Detroit won its last three games, allowing four goals. Ducks won five of last seven games.
— Florida won its last ten games, allowing thirteen goals.

Cold teams
— Buffalo lost its last six games, scoring eight goals.
— Senators lost six of their last eight games.
— Devils lost last three games, scoring two goals. Minnesota lost three of last five at home.
— Edmonton lost five of its last seven games.

Series records
— Jets won nine of their last ten games with Buffalo.
— Washington won three of last four games with Ottawa.
— Avalanche won four of last five games with Chicago.
— Devils lost four of last six games with Minnesota.
— Ducks won their last four games with Detroit.
— Oilers won six of last seven games with Florida.

— Eight of last ten Buffalo-Washington games stayed under.
— Six of last seven Ottawa games stayed under the total.
— Under is 5-2-1 in last eight Chicago games.
— Under is 6-2-1 in last nine Minnesota games.
— Under is 4-1-1 in last six Anaheim games.
— Six of last seven Florida games stayed under.

— Ottawa is 2-4 if it played the night before (teams are 4-8 the night after playing Boston); Washington is 4-2 (teams are 2-4 night after playing the Rangers).
— Minnesota is 2-5 if it played the night before (teams are 5-3 night after playing Dallas).