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Millionaires — Green Bay Packers
This game will come down to which quarterback will execute better. Kirk Cousins is playing awesome. Aaron Rodgers is not playing so well. But that was then and the playoffs are a different animal. Aaron Rodgers is an accomplished playoff veteran quarterback. He’s proven what he can do. If this was the best of three, then make a case for Washington. But this is win or go home. Again, defense wins these games. Look for Mike Daniels and Mike Neal to bring a better defense to the game than their counterparts. We’ve seen Rodgers mount every kind of 4th quarter comeback. Look for their game plan to come out firing and put pressure on Cousins to try to play catch up under tremendous pressure. James Jones will hookup within the red zone for a few TD’s from Rodgers. The playoff experience is incredible for the Packers in this one and done game. Look for Aaron Rodgers to make this his game and take over taking no chances. From a competitive nature, it was much easier for the Skins to look good in the NFC East. And there were times that they didn’t look that good. Defense and quarterback playoff experience is the defining factor here.


Inner Circle — Minnesota Vikings
This will be in the top five coldest games ever played. That will benefit the Vikings. Adrian Peterson can take this team a long way on his back with or with Teddy Bridgewater’s help. The Viking defense is better than most realize. Seattle does bring in proper credentials based on their playoff experience. They are playing at the highest level of the year and Russell Wilson is spectacular. But why did the line go from Seattle favored by 1 a month ago when they played to 6.5 opening number and then bet down by the “smarts”? The Vikings have also played well and looked good in week 17 at Green Bay. This home game and rematch should serve them well. The Vikes are ranked 4th in yards gained per rush. When your passing hand is cold, the running game may get revved up. There could be more rushing yards in this game than passing yardage. Note that from a competition point of reference the Seahawks 10 wins came from teams with a 69-91 record. Marshawn Lynch returns and being effective will be a challenge in his first game back. Look for a reversal of fortunes as Minnesota extracts revenge and gets the ‘black and blue’ back into this victory with a hard earned victory. All Vikings players are back and 100% healthy which wasn’t the case a month ago.