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7-Unit Play. #103. Take Seattle Seahawks -5

over Minnesota Vikings
(Sunday @ 1:05pm est)
The first selection we roll with here is Seattle as they hook up against Minnesota. Note that Seattle already beat Minnesota in a rout earlier this year 38-7 earlier this year as a -2.5 point favorite. Sure, Minnesota has revenge etc…and we usually ride revenge very high. But, this is different. The Seahawks are 10-6 on the year and though they had a hiccup against the Rams, whenever they needed to win a game big, they have come through such as routing arguably the best team in the NFC by beating them like a drum 36-6 on the road as 6 point underdogs. This team beat Pitt 39-30 as well and a team that frankly should have beat the Panthers at home as well. The Seahwaks are a whole new team in the playoffs and in particular on the road in the playoffs. This team is substantially more focused on the road and as they hook up against Minnesota, note that Minnesota comes off a huge win against Green Bay on the road and this is a bit of a let down for them. Note, that Minnesota has won 3 straight games including Green Bay on the road, the Giants and Chicago. But, when this team has faced high quality competition they have fallen short such as Seattle losing 7-38, or Green Bay the first time around 13-30 and the only exception to this rule is Kansas City as a -3.5 favorite early in the season when KC was not playing well. Look for Seattle to be highly focused on what has been a tumultuous year of change for this team from the beginning but it clears up with a big opening playoff win.