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Dave Essler | CBB Sides Fri, 02/19/16 – 7:00 PM

dime bet – 874 Princeton -2.5 (-120) vs 873 Yale
Analysis: I’ll buy the hook here, althošugh I do recommend playing the ML, but won’t put out a -150 or more play for the daily people not expecting that. Princeton NEEDS this game to stay in Ivy League contention – especially since they don’t have a Conference Tournament – at least not until possibly next year. They’re talking about it. Anyhow, no Jack Monatgue for Yale is a bit of a big deal since he’s their best three point shooter, which is about the best way to beat Princeton (jump shots). Princeton shoots 77% in Conference play from the line – so like UConn last night we can get this late if need be. Yale beat a “down” Tiger team twice last season, as if Princeton really needs motivation here. They simply HAVE to win this game, and that situation has been very good to us the last couple of weeks (it usually is this time of year). Yes, Yale has the #1 everything in the Conference, but Princeton has the #2 everything and is at home. IMO that +3 and +140 or so still sitting out their for Yale is somewhat telling in that nobody is lining up to buy it, at least yet. Where the Tigers might have a slight advantage is in the turnover game – they’re a little better at creating them and a little better at protecting the ball.

If I really wanted something do to in the early game, Kent State is apparently the “cool” side. I dunno about taking the “new” number – but I could surely tease them with any number of teams. Oral Roberts and Iona would be my first two choices.

5:10PM EST – I am reasonably certain (no, I am certain) we will take Clemson tomorrow. BetOnline has them +2 at the moment. I don’t know what that line will do – but I doubt it gets TOO much better – so perhaps throwing a marble on it now – and waiting til tomorrow to either add more or leave it be.