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NEWSLETTER MLB Baseball Prediction From Alan Harris

Take San Diego Padres ‘Under’ 73.5 Wins
We didn’t love anything on the Saturday soccer or UFC Cards, so this weeks Play will be a MLB Play since Spring Training is right around the corner. The Padres had high hopes coming into the 2015 season. They made big moves in bringing in a brand new outfield (Kemp, Myers, Upton) along with Craig Kimbrel to solidify the back end of the bullpen. Things were a disaster for the Padres from opening day, and they then compounded things by not jumping ship and moving some of those guys at the trade deadline. They stood pat and when the season came to an end, they were no where near the playoffs and they were stuck with a bunch of big, bad contracts. When looking at the Padres opening day roster, it shouldn’t shock anyone if this team approached 100 losses when it’s all said and done. Their rotation isn’t much better, and while Joe Ross looks to be a legit pitcher, he isn’t an ace and right now he’s the Padres No. 1. Who knows what James Shields is going to bring to the table, and while Andrew Cashner has had some good moments, he’s all fastball and at some point major league hitters start to catch up to that. Taking a look at the starting eight position players, there isn’t a player on the list that is expected to have what someone would even classify as a “good” season. Wil Myers and Matt Kemp are probably the two best players on the team, and neither of those guys has a WAR projected over 2.0 coming in to season. Throw in the fact that San Diego is light years behind the Giants and Dodgers, and we have them behind the Diamondbacks as well right now. Hell, at the end of the season, we wouldn’t be shocked if they actually finished in last place behind the Rockies. It’s going to be a long year for Padres fans and the only way we can play their team total is under, so we’ll make that our Weekly Newsletter Play for this week.