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Triple-Dime bet – [923] OAKLAND A’s (+115)
Very tough spot for the Rangers here, coming home for the “first game back” after losing two (and gettng shut out in both of them) to Seattle and managing five hits in the two games. Conversely the Athletics had Thursday off, and are simply a far better bet against right handed pitching. The Rangers have had thei Êr run – they’re not as bad as the team that was on the field the first half, and they’re not as good as the team we’ve seen the last two months. What is undeniable is the fact that the Rangers bullpen at home has been terrible all season. Lewis has been hit VERY hard in his last three games, and I am not concerned that Vogt is out because he is 1-13 against Lewis. The A’s have beaten him two of the three times he’s pitched against them this season – and he allowed 7 home runs in 37 innings in August. Just regression, the same as the Rangers’ themselves. Chavez was hammered last outing and honestly that’s almost a good thing here, because his pitch count was so low. Only 60 pitches. Fielder hits him well, but nobody else on the Rangers’ does. Hamilton is out – and although he sucks these days he’s still someone the A’s or anyone else would pitch around. When all is said and done tonight, the regression continues for the Rangers, and the A’s, although losing of late – should be “reverse regressing”, as we like to call it. If this game were played 6 weeks ago, it’d be -110. We’ll gladly take the extra value here with a nice underdog winner.