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Eagles vs Falcons
7:10 EST
Rotation #489-490
Eagles/Falcons Under 55
The Eagles come into this season with high hopes, but let’s look at what we know for tonight’s game. For starters 55 points is a mid-season total. This is a line based on these teams playing with last year’s talent and lack of it on defense in certain areas. The Eagles are starting a new QB and a new RB with a few new players filling in on the offensive line for guys that were staple guards for years in Philadelphia. Atlanta was awful on defense last year and now has a new defensive coordinator that is going to work wonders for this team. Atlanta has a brand new offensive line with young faces on it. The veterans on this line were not playing for this team last season. I think the Philadelphia front 7 is going to be very good this year and should contain the Falcons offense enough to keep this a low scoring contest. Now let’s face it, this could be 42-30 final and I look like I don’t know what I am talking about because these night prime time games always seem to find their way over the total (Dallas/NYG last night). You really can’t predict bounces of the football that might lead to points or take points off the board. People bet over plays with no logic at all and have been cashing in on prime time for a few seasons now with ease. There is no crystal ball to winning any wager. Look at the games we had this weekend. All five picks were covering with 5 minutes left in the game and three of those plays collapsed on us. We could have been 5-0 with ease this weekend, but that sometimes is the way it goes. The season is young and players have not clicked yet with each other. This is a lot of points even though it does not seem that way because we have been spoiled with high scoring prime time games the last few seasons. I vowed to never play UNDER picks on night games anymore, but that type of logic hampers you from making cash and makes you one dimensional. Let’s hope for some early season jitters and offensive penalties. Take the Under.