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2015 Baseball Information

National League
Cardinals @ Pirates

Lynn is 1-1, 3.52 in his last three starts (over 3-1 last four).

Happ is 6-1, 1.73 in his last seven starts (under 7-2 last nine).

Pirates won eight of last nine games overall, scoring 47 runs (under 7-2 last nine); they won three of last four games with St Louis– over is 6-2-1 in last nine. Cardinals won six of last nine games (over 4-1-1 last six).

Dodgers @ Giants
Greinke is 5-0, 1.53 in his last five starts (under 6-2 last eight).

Peavy is 3-0, 2.19 in his last four starts (over 4-1 last five).

Dodgers won their last four games with the Giants; over is 5-3-1 in last nine series games. LA lost seven of last nine games (over 5-2 last seven). Giants are 4-3 in last seven games, with last five going over total.

Reds @ Nationals
Finnegan is 1-1, 6.30 in his two MLB starts (over 1-1).

Scherzer is 1-1, 3.48 in his last five starts (over 5-2-3 in last ten).

Reds lost their last eight games (over 10-3 last thirteen); they won last five games with Washington– seven of last nine stayed under. Nationals had a fight in their own dugout yesterday; they lost five of last six games- three of last four went over the total.

American League
Blue Jays @ Orioles

Estrada is 2-0, 2.67 in his last five starts; three of his last four went over.

Tillman is 1-4, 7.23 in his last seven starts (over 3-1-1 last five).

Toronto-Baltimore split last eight meetings (over 3-1 last four). Blue Jays won five of last six games (under 5-3-2 last ten). Orioles didn’t score in three game series over the weekend in Boston; under is 4-1-1 in their last six games.

Red Sox @ Bronx
Porcello is 0-2, 6.23 in his last two starts (under 6-3 last nine).

Warren is 1-5, 7.31 in his last six starts (under 5-3 last eight).

Boston lost seven of last ten games with New York; four of last five stayed under the total. Red Sox won three in row, six of last nine games; their last six stayed under the total. Bronx won six of last nine games (under 4-1 last five).

Twins @ Indians
Hughes is 1-3, 7.02 in his last four starts.

Kluber is 0-3, 5.60 in his last five starts (over 6-3 last nine).

Twins won four of last five games with Cleveland (under 5-1 last six); Twins won five of last seven games overall (under 6-3 last eight). Indians won three of last four; four of their last six games stayed under the total.

Tigers @ Rangers
Verlander 1-0, 2.87 in his last two starts; four of his last five went ov er.

Lewis is 3-0, 1.71 in his last three starts (over 4-1 last five at home).

Detroit lost its last three games with Texas; last five series games went under the total. Tigers are 3-5 in last eight games (under 5-2 last seven). Texas won four of last six games (over 6-1-1 last eight).

A’s @ Angels
Doubront is 0-2, 10.20 in his last three starts (over 6-1 in last seven).

Santiago is 2-0, 4.34 in his last four starts (under 3-1).

Angels trail Houston by half-game for last Wild Card spot; they’re 6-4 in last 10 vs Oakland (over 6-3-1). Halos won last five games overall. A’s lost seven of last eight games, with last six going over the total.

Astros @ Mariners
McCullers is 0-3, 3.48 in his last five starts (under 3-1 last four).

Elias is 1-1, 2.81 in his last three starts (over 3-1 last four at home).

Astros are 5-8 in their last thirteen games; over is 7-3-1 in their last eleven; they have a half-game lead for last Wild Card slot. Houston lost four of last six games against Seattle (over 9-0-1 in last ten). Mariners lost last five games (over 5-3 last eight). .

Royals @ Cubs

Ventura is 2-1, 5.73 in his last four starts; over is 3-1-1 in his last five.

Hendricks is 1-1, 5.74 in his last three starts (over 4-1 in last five)

Royals won three of last four games vs Chicago; KC is 4-5 in its last nine games, with seven of its last ten going over total. Cubs lost three of last four games; their last five all stayed under.

Win-loss records this year for team with this starting pitcher:
StL-Pitt– Lynn 16-13; Happ 14-15/7-2
LA-SF– Greinke 22-8 (13-2 last 15); Peavy 9-8
Cin-Wsh– Finnegan 1-1; Scherzer 16-15

Tor-Balt– Estrada 15-11; Tillman 15-15 (3-0 last 3)
Bos-NY– Porcello 12-14; Nova 6-9 (1-5 last 6)
Min-Cle– Hughes 13-12; Kluber 11-20
Det-Tex– Verlander 6-12; Lewis 16-15 (3-0 last 3)
A’s-LAA– Doubront 6-5/5-2; Santiago 16-14 (4-0 last 4)
Hst-Sea– McCullers 8-12 (0-5 last 5); Elias 6-12

KC-Chi– Ventura 15-11 (10-2 last 12); Hendricks 17-13

Times this starting pitcher allowed a run in first inning:
StL-Pitt– Lynn 10-29; Happ 10-29
LA-SF– Greinke 7-30; Peavy 4-17
Cin-Wsh– Finnegan 0-2; Scherzer 8-31

Tor-Balt– Estrada 12-26; Tillman 6-30
Bos-NY– Porcello 5-26; Nova 2-15
Min-Cle– Hughes 8-25 (4 of last 5); Kluber 11-31
Det-Tex– Verlander 3-18; Lewis 6-31
A’s-LAA– Doubront 5-11 (4 of last 5); Santiago 9-30
Hst-Sea– McCullers 6-20; Elias 7-18

KC-Chi– Ventura 6-26; Hendricks 7-30