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7-Unit Play. Take ‘Over’ 43.0 Detroit at Seattle (8:30 p.m., Monday, Oct. 5)

3-Unit Play. Take #277 Detroit (+10) over Seattle (8:30 p.m., Monday, Oct. 5)

OK, so there is a lot at work in this game here. But the bottom line is that I think that Detroit is undervalued and Seattle is overvalued right now. Both teams are being judged based on their recent pasts. And I get it. That’s what you’re supposed to do. But Seattle is not the same team that they have been these last three years.

They have lost too much talent and have had a coaching brain drain. They are still good. Hell, they are very good. But this is not the same type of Seattle team that is just going to overwhelm and destroy a decent opponent. “But they just shutout the Bears 26-0!” Yeah, well, that’s the Bears. With Jimmy Clausen and no Alshon Jeffrey. And despite everything the Seahawks had lined up in their favor (and we cashed on Seattle -14.5 in that one) that was still just a 13-0 game late in the third quarter with Seattle’s only points coming on a kickoff return score.

Detroit is not as bad as it has played. Jim Caldwell is an absolute idiot and Matt Stafford is a total loser. But there is still some talent here. And this offense hasn’t played up to its potential at all. They have been shut down the last two weeks against two of the five or six best defenses in football (Minnesota and Denver). And they are due for an effort here. They are 0-3 and this is do-or-die for them. They will go down swinging. Also, Seattle’s offense hasn’t been great the last two weeks either. And I think they are due for a breakout game. And the fact is that as bad as they have been offensively they have still scored 26 or more in two of three games.

I think they can finish around 30 here. And I see Detroit getting into the 20’s. I really think this is going to be a screwy game with big plays on both sides. I can see this one ending up like 32-26 or some weird score like that thanks to questionable coaching decisions on both sides. But I’ll back the offenses and I think Detroit can make this one a game.