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Mike O’Connor

Detroit (+10) 19 SEATTLE 25
The Lions have been physically beat up the past couple of weeks on offense facing tough defensive fronts in the Broncos and the Vikings and it won’t get any easier for them this week as they travel to face the Seahawks. The Lions offensive line has been bad, creating no room in the run game and poorly protecting Matthew Stafford and that does not bode well facing a Seahawks team that’s back at full strength after their shutout win last week. Defensively the Lions have really struggled this season, missing their two best players from last season in Ndamukong Suh and DeAndre Levy, allowing an average of nearly 400 yards per game at 6.2 yppl. Welcome news for the Lions is that Levy practiced with the team on Thursday for the first time since being sidelined with a hip injury in August and there is the possibility that he could return for this game.

Nevertheless, even with Levy possibly returning, a balanced Seattle attack should be able to capitalize on the Lions defensive deficiencies that have been their downfall again this week. However, the Lions benefit from a negative 33-76-4 game 4 situation while the Seahawks qualify in a 8-2 travel angle that plays against the Lions. My ratings favor the Seahawks by 8.9 points and I don’t like the matchups for Detroit but based on the angle I’ll lean with the Lions.