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Week # 6 College Wise Guy Report

Here’s the rundown on where sharp dollars have been showing to date this week in college football. As always, the info is garnered from several solid sources, some here in Nevada, others offshore and also from books operating without a license, perhaps in a city near you. Any comments are from the contacts.

313 Minnesota is loaded with injuries but apparently not enough to scare off some pros that have decided to cast their lot with the Golden Gophers this week.

328 Ohio State might be underperforming but the Buckeyes have drawn some serious action this week, and according to my contacts, the pros have been pretty heavy on that side.

329 Wake Forest has been somewhat attractive to the smarts, which is often the case for a substantial dog in game with the O/U as low as it is here.

333 Kent State is generating some purchases from the wise guys, and this game could be a bit of a pros/Joes battleground with the public siding on Toledo so far.

338 Georgia State qualifies as a sharp money call right now. That might seem peculiar to some, but bear in mind that this is not the first time this season this has happened.

342 Western Michigan was an early sharp buy and the number has not come back despite the fact the public seems to like the dog in this game.

346 Air Force was a huge early mover, but what I’m told is that this was more adjustment from the opener than actual dollars.

355 Baylor is again getting loads of square love, but once again there seems to be no objection from the sharps.

358 Florida Atlantic was described to me by one of the accountants as “sneaky sharp”. Nothing huge on the Owls, but steady sharp money and a definite riser to this point.

363 Middle Tennessee is a moderate sharp stance at this point. No real big bets here either, but a one-way stream amongst the smarts.

377 Texas State is yet another under the radar smart money side this week. This game seems to be picking up some steam chaser cash as well.

382 Central Florida is getting a little wise guy play, while the public like the dog more.

404 Nebraska was tapped early and the Cornhuskers are still favored and the consensus seems to be that they will stay that way despite a considerable volume edge on Wisconsin.

405 New Mexico started commanding attention on Wednesday and that number looks to have a chance to keep dropping.

That’s pretty much everything as of now. Other games that have shown considerable movement are more adjustment than money due to injury info. The usual cautionary tale here…this is just info and not necessarily games I like myself. And if you like a side and feel confident, stay with what you believe and don’t get overly influenced by what others are doing.