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Sleepy’s NFL 3*** Teaser Sunday

6pt tease

Philly + 1

The Saints are banged up pretty good on the offensive side of the ball…The O-line has issues and running against the Eagles is going to be a real chore this week..Ingram might get 50 yards if he is lucky..Philly D-Line is very good ,and i think they cause all kinds of issues here for the Saints…Brees is back in the line-up, but he looks a little limited IMO…Problem with the Saints right now…They have zero chemisty at all…Jimmy Graham goes away and so does the pass offense…Brendin Cooks was to be the goto guy and Brees can’t even get him the ball…It won’t be easy finding him again…I’m not scared of this Saints offense at all..not one bit….Philly is back home now and i think the Eagles are due for a little bit of a run now…The defense at home plays very well and the special teams WILL step up here in this game..I think we see some turnovers from the Saints here as well…Eagles should have the majority of the kinks worked out on offense…They can dummy up the playbook and really focus on certain players…Again, the Eagles another team who has struggled with team chemistry on the offensive side of the ball…They should be ok here, and Murray should have a decent game IMO…I look for Bradford to dial is back and get his screen game going early…Jordan Mathews will have his best game of the early season in this one..Eagles IMO have the potential to blowout the Saints…The Linc will demand a Eagles showing here, if not they might go insane..Eagles will show up and play “good” football on Sunday.

Pats – 2.5

Not a number i like to lay in a teaser, but i just can’t see the Cowboys keeping this under a FG here…Plain and simple, this Cowboys team is short star players right now..You can;t lose the QB and #1 WR and expect to compete against the Pats…Brady is out on a mission to crush teams..They will not hold back here in Jerry’s house…Weeden won’t know what’s going on in this game..Playing from behind will lead to turnovers from him..Dallas will need the run game to play the best game of the year here..I just can’t see them slowing this game enough to hang around..Pats have the potential to blow the doors off the Cowboys…It’s week 5 and the Patriots already look like a well oiled machine..Cowboys are slowly breaking down and falling apart…Decent reps for this “new” Cowboy offense wont matter much….The refs are the only reason this stays close..Otherwise, Pats roll and cover the lousy 2.5.