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    StatFox Super Situations™ – FoxSheets

    Play Against – All teams when the money line is +125 to -125 (MINNESOTA) with a hot starting pitcher- ERA less than 2.50 over his last 3 starts against opponent with a cold starting pitcher- ERA >= 6.50 over his last 10 starts
    84-46 since 1997. ( 64.6% | 37.2 units )
    2-2 this year. ( 50.0% | -0.1 units )

    StatFox Situational Power Trends™ – FoxSheets

    HOUSTON is 18-6 (+13.1 Units)
    against the money line when playing against a good team (Win Pct. 54% to 62%) this season.
    The average score was: HOUSTON (5.0) , OPPONENT (2.7)



    100* Giants -135


    2015 Baseball Information

    National League
    Pirates @ Cubs

    Liriano is 2-0, 4.11 in his last three starts (over 8-1-1 last ten).

    Hammel is 2-1, 6.57 in his last five starts (over 5-1 last six).

    Pirates lost three of last four games against Chicago (under 6-3 last nine); they won last seven games overall, scoring 43 runs (under 5-2 last seven). Cubs are 7-3 in last ten games (under 4-1 last five).

    Phillies @ Nationals
    Nola is 3-1, 3.32 in his last six starts (over 6-3-1 last ten).

    Strasburg is 2-0, 1.20 in his last five starts (over 4-1 last five).

    Phillies lost eight of last 11 games with Washington; four of last five went over total. Philly lost eight of last ten games (under 5-2 last seven). Nationals lost last four games, scoring ten runs (over 6-2-1 last nine).

    Braves @ Marlins
    Teheran is 1-0, 1.67 in his last four starts (under 3-0-1).

    Nicolino is 0-2, 8.44 in his last three starts (over 3-2 last five home).

    Atlanta lost last five games with Miami (over 5-2-1 last eight); Braves won five of last seven games (under 5-3 last eight). Marlins won last three games (over 5-3 last eight).

    Mets @ Reds
    Harvey is 3-0, 2.47 in his last even starts (over 6-1).

    Lamb is 1-0, 1.80 in his last three starts (over 3-1).

    Mets won ten of last 12 games with Cincinnati; last three series games went over. New York lost six of last ten games; five of last six went over total. Reds lost their last six games (over 8-3 last eleven).

    Dodgers @ Rockies
    Anderson is 1-1, 5.06 in his last four starts (over 4-1 last five).

    Kendrick is 2-2, 6.63 in his last five starts (under 6-3 last nine).

    Rockies lost five of last six games, allowing 47 runs; six of last ten went over the total. Colorado won six of last nine games against the Dodgers. LA is 2-5 in last six games not started by Greinke/Kershaw; three of their last five games overall went over the total.

    Brewers @ Cardinals
    Wagner allowed five runs in 3.2 IP (79 PT) in his only ’15 start, on May 31.

    Garcia is 2-0, 1.57 in his last four home starts (under 3-0-1).

    Milwaukee lost eight of last ten games with St Louis (over 4-1-1 in last six). Brewers lost eight of last 11 games (over 6-3-1 last ten). Cardinals won five of last six games (over 6-3-1 last ten). .

    Diamondbacks @ Padres
    Hellickson is 2-4, 6.59 in his last six starts (over 4-2).

    Erlin allowed seven runs in three IP (55 PT) in his only ’15 start.

    San Diego won four of last seven games with Arizona; five of last six in series went over the total. D’backs are 5-3 in last eight games;four of last five went over total. Padres won three of last five games; six of their last seven games went over the total.

    American League
    White Sox @ Bronx

    Danks is 1-4, 4.85 in his last six starts (over 5-1).

    Warren is 0-1, 6.14 in his last two starts.

    White Sox lost eight of last ten games with Bronx; four of last six series games went over the total. Chicago is 4-6 in last ten games; five of last six stayed under. New York won four of its last seven games; under is 9-3 in their last twelve games.

    Rays @ Blue Jays
    Archer is 0-2, 4.43 in his last four starts (over 5-1 last six).

    Price is 4-0, 1.38 in his last four starts (under 5-0 last five at home).

    Toronto won four of last five games with Tampa Bay (under 7-1-1 last nine); Jays are 6-3 in last nine games (under 6-2 last eight). Rays won four of last six games overall (under is 9-4 last 13 games).

    Twins @ Tigers
    Duffey is 2-0, 1.35 in his last three starts (over 5-1 last six).

    Simon is 1-1, 8.31 in his last three starts (over 4-1-1 last six).

    Twins lost last three games with Detroit (over 4-2-1 last seven); they lost seven of last ten games overall (under 4-3 last seven). Detroit won seven of last ten games (over 6-3 last nine).

    Orioles @ Red Sox
    Chen is 2-0, 1.93 in his last two starts (over 4-1 last five).

    Reliever Breslow is starting this game, which will be pitched by Boston bullpen; doubt Breslow goes more than once thru lineup.

    Baltimore won eight of last 11 games with Boston (over 5-3 last eight). Orioles won five of last eight games overall (over 5-4-1 last ten). Red Sox lost three of last four games; five of their last six stayed under the total

    Indians @ Royals
    Tomlin is 6-1, 2.37 in his last seven starts (over 5-1 last six).

    Medlen is 2-0, 2.60 in his last three starts (over 4-2 last six).

    Royals clinched first division title in 30 years Thursday; they won three of last five games; six of their last eight games went over the total. Clevelandwon four of last six games vs KC; three of last four stayed under. Indians 4-3 in last seven games; over is 4-3-1 in last eight.

    Rangers @ Astros
    Holland is 0-2, 9.00 in his last three starts (over 5-3-1 last nine).

    McHugh is 4-0, 3.77 in his last five starts (over 4-0-1).

    Rangers won their last eight games with Houston- over is 3-0-1 in last four. Texas won ten of last 12 games overall– over is 8-1-1 in last ten. Astros are 3-8 in their last eleven games; over is 6-3-1 in their last ten.

    Mariners @ Angels
    Hernandez is 4-2, 1.86 in his last six starts (over 7-2-1 last ten).

    Heaney is 0-0, 1.64 in his last two starts; (over 3-1-1 last five home).

    Angels are 6-4 in last ten games with Seattle (over 5-2-1 last eight). Mariners are 2-4 in last six games (over 5-1). Angels won six of last eight (over four of last five).

    Giants @ A’s

    Hudson is 2-0, 1.10 in his last three starts (under 4-1 last five); this may be his last MLB start also, back in the place where it all started for him.

    Zito is making first ’15 start and probably last one ever after 419 starts in a really good 13-year career. His last MLB start was in Sept 2013; he was 8-7, 3.46 in 22 AAA starts this season

    Giants won four of last six games with Oakland; under is 4-3-2 in last nine games in series. A’s are 4-7 in last 11 games; five of last six Oakland games went over total. Giants lost five of their last seven games (over 3-0 last three).

    Win-loss records this year for team with this starting pitcher:
    Pitt-Chi– Liriano 18-11 (14-1 last 15); Hammel 14-15
    Phil-Wsh– Nola 7-5; Strasburg 16-14
    Atl-Mia– Teheran 18-13; Nicolino 4-6
    NY-Cin– Harvey 16-11; Lamb 2-6
    LA-Col– Anderson 15-14; Kendrick 8-17
    Mil-StL– Wagner 1-0; Garcia 12-6 (9-1 last 10)
    Az-SD– Hellickson 11-14; Erlin 0-1

    TB-Tor– Archer 17-15; Price 23-8/8-2
    Chi-NY– Danks 13-15; Warren 9-7 (0-3 last 3)
    Min-Det– Duffey 6-2; Simon 16-13
    Balt-Bos– Chen 18-11; Breslow 0-0
    Cle-KC– Tomlin 5-2; Medlen 4-2
    Tex-Hst– Holland 4-4; McHugh 19-11
    Sea-LA– Hernandez 20-10; Heaney 9-6 (1-4 last 5)

    SF-A’s– Hudson 11-9 (4-0 last 4); Zito 0-0

    Times this starting pitcher allowed a run in first inning:
    Pitt-Chi– Liriano 7-29 (5 of last 9); Hammel 13-29 (8 of last 12)
    Phil-Wsh– Nola 6-12; Strasburg 7-30
    Atl-Mia– Teheran 10-31; Nicolino 1-10
    NY-Cin– Harvey 7-27; Lamb 3-8
    LA-Col– Anderson 9-29; Kendrick 14-25
    Mil-StL– Wagner 1-1; Garcia 4-18
    Az-SD– Hellickson 9-25; Erlin 1-1

    TB-Tor– Archer 7-32; Price 7-31
    Chi-NY– Danks 8-28; Warren 6-16
    Min-Det– Duffey 1-8; Simon 6-29
    Balt-Bos– Chen 8-29; Breslow 0-0
    Cle-KC– Tomlin 1-7; Medlen 2-6
    Tex-Hst– Holland 3-8; McHugh 9-30
    Sea-LA– Hernandez 8-30; Heaney 1-15

    SF-A’s– Hudson 5-20; Zito 0-0

    Pitt-Chi– Underdogs are 12-10 in last 22 Davis games.
    Phil-Wsh– Under is 10-4-2 in last 16 Hoye games.
    NY-Cin– Eight of last ten Conroy games stayed under.
    Atl-Mia– Four of last five Hallion games stayed under.
    Mil-StL– Four of last five HGibson games went over.
    LA-Col– Last six Reyburn games stayed under total.
    Az-SD– Over is 11-6-1 in last eighteen Meals games.

    Chi-NY– Seven of last ten Holbrook games went over.
    TB-Tor– Over is 5-0-1 in last six Gonzalez games.
    Balt-Bos– Under is 13-6-1 in last 20 Gibson games.
    Min-Det– Favorites won last 10 Reynolds games (under 7-3-1 last 11).
    Cle-KC– Eight of last eleven Estabrook games went over.
    Tex-Hst– Road team won seven of last eight Knight games.
    Sea-LA– Under is 4-1-1 in last six Wendelstedt games.

    SF-A’s– Underdogs are 7-3 in last 10 Miller games (over 6-3 in last nine).



    Angels -105 over Mariners

    (92-90 YTD)



    Baseball Crusher
    Arizona Diamondbacks + San Diego Padres – OVER 7.5

    (System Record: 83-3, lost last game)
    Overall Record: 83-78-3

    Tampa Bay Rays + Toronto Blue Jays – UNDER 7.5

    Cleveland Indians + Kansas City Royals – OVER 8

    Chicago White Sox + New York Yankees – OVER 8.5



    Play Toronto -180 over Tampa Bay—Top Play
    David Price has won 20 of the last 27 games when pitching as a favorite of -110 or higher and he has won 33 of the last 45 games vs. division opponents. David Price has won 10 of the last 11 day games and he is 3-0 over the last three starts with an ERA of 1.42.

    ================================================== ======


    Play St. Louis -240 over Milwaukee (MLB Bonus Play)

    Play New York Yankees -160 over Chicago White Sox (MLB Bonus Play)


    GP From Vegas

    Giants – TT Over 4 -135

    Braves – F5 -110



    New York Yankees (-150) 4* 4:05 ET


    Paul Shinoba Sports

    Arizona Diamondbacks/San Diego Padres – Over 8 runs


    Sports Locksmith

    Chairman’s Play
    Washington/Philadelphia Under 7 -115 5* 4:05 Eastern


    Chris James Sports

    Under – Mets
    Stl RL-1.5



    4-Unit Play. #971 Minnesota -125 over Detroit (Saturday, September, 26 at 7:05 PM ET)



    Take the Minnesota Twins on the moneyline as my 4-Unit MLB Smash for Saturday night. This pick falls into one of my top MLB systems and the Twins have hit .309 as a team lifetime against Simon. Duffey has pitched solid over his last 7 starts allowing no more than 2 earned runs in 6 of those 7 starts, which he allowed 3 earned runs. Since the All-Star break he has an ERA of just 3.15 with opponents hitting just .243 against him. Simon has given up an average of 5 earned runs per start over his last 6 starts and he was just rocked for 8 earned in his last outing. The Twins have hit .343 against Simon over 3 games against him this season and I look for their bats to heat up here tonight. The Twins are 9-2 in their last 11 road games when facing a righty starter and they are a perfect 6-0 in Duffey’s last 6 starts when their opponent puts up 5 or more runs in their previous game. Play the Minnesota Twins with confidence tonight.


    SB Professor Original MLB Picks

    Colorado +160

    Cincinnati +136



    #973/974: Indians/Royals: Under 8.0 (-110) (1.5*)


    Dave Essler | MLB Total – Saturday, Sep 26 2015 8:40PM

    963 ARI / 964 SDP – OVER 8 – single-dime bet

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