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    StatFox Super Situations™ – FoxSheets

    Play On – Any team (NY YANKEES)
    average offensive team (4.7 to 5.2 runs/game) against an average starter (ERA=4.70 to 5.70)-AL, cold hitting team – batting .250 or worse over their last 20 games
    173-101 since 1997. ( 63.1% | 61.9 units )
    3-2 this year. ( 60.0% | 0.0 units )

    StatFox Situational Power Trends™ – FoxSheets

    TEXAS is 84-69 (+29.6 Units)
    against the money line in games played on a grass field this season.
    The average score was: TEXAS (4.7) , OPPONENT (4.5)


    2015 Baseball Information

    National League
    Marlins @ Phillies

    Conley is 1-1, 1.42 in his last three starts (under 3-0).

    Buchanan is 0-2, 4.26 in his last four starts (under 3-0 last three).

    Marlins lost seven of last 12 games with Philly; five of last seven series tilts stayed under total. Miami lost three of last five games (over 5-3 last eight). Phillies won four of last six games (under 6-4 last ten)

    Reds @ Pirates
    Smith is 0-3, 7.86 in his six starts (over 5-1).

    Happ is 6-1, 1.52 in his last nine starts (under 8-2 last ten).

    Reds lost 13 of last 14 games, scoring 18 runs in last eight (over 8-3 in last 11); they’ve lost four of last six games with Pirates (over 7-4-1 last twelve). Pirates split their last six games (under 6-3 last nine)- they need win here to clinch home field edge in Wild Card game.

    Nationals @ Mets
    Roark is 0-3, 5.49 in his last four starts (over 7-3 last ten).

    deGrom is tuning up for first playoff game; he is 2-2, 3.82 in his last five starts (over 4-0 last four).

    Washington won last three games (under 7-1 last eight); they lost six of last eight to the Mets (over 4-2 last six). Mets lost last five games, scoring nine runs (over 7-4 last 11).

    Cardinals @ Braves
    Lackey is 2-0, 1.29 in his last four starts (over 6-3 last nine). Lynn is 1-0, 0.00 in his last two starts (11 IP); three of his last four road starts stayed under.

    Former Cardinal Miller is 0-8, 6.75 in his last eight starts (over 4-1 last five). Wisler is 2-0, 1.93 in his last two starts (under 3-0-1 last four).

    Cardinals won five of last eight games with Atlanta (under 5-1 last six); St Louis won seven of last 11 games (over 5-3-1 last nine). Braves won three of last four games (under 4-0).

    Cubs @ Brewers
    Haren is 2-0, 2.91 in his last four starts (over 6-1 last seven).

    Lopez allowed three runs in five IP (94 PT) in his first MLB start.

    Brewers lost their last three games (under 6-2-3 last 11); they lost 11 of last 12 games with Chicago (under 7-3-1). Cubs won last seven games (under is 8-2-1 in their last eleven).

    Padres @ Dodgers
    Padres bullpen is going to pitch this game.

    Kershaw is 6-1, 1.90 in his last seven starts (under 8-1 last nine at home).

    Dodgers won six of last seven games with San Diego (under 5-3 last eight); LA won four of last five games overall (under 4-2 last six). San Diego lost five of last six games (under 5-1-1 last seven)

    Rockies @ Giants
    Bergman is 1-1, 7.11 in his three starts (under 2-1).

    Cain is 0-3, 7.63 in his last six starts (over 6-0-2 last eight).

    Rockies lost five of last eight games with San Francisco; (over 7-3 in last 11); Colorado lost eight of its last 12 games. Giants lost three of last five games; four of their last six stayed under.

    American League
    Bronx @ Orioles

    Pineda is 2-1, 5.02 in his last five starts (over 5-3 last eight).

    Tillman is 1-0, 4.44 in his last four starts (under 2-0-1 last three).

    Orioles lost five of last nine games with Bronx (under 6-3); Baltimore won last four games overall (over 4-1 last five). Bronx lost five of last six games (under 8-3 in last eleven games).

    Red Sox @ Indians
    Red Sox bullpen will work this game game, with Breslow starting.

    Kluber is 0-3, 7.24 in his last three starts (over 6-4 in last ten).

    Boston won six of last nine games; nine of their last 12 stayed under total; BoSox are 4-5 in last nine games with Cleveland (over 4-1 last five). Indians lost four of last seven games (under 7-5 last twelve).

    Blue Jays @ Rays
    Buehrle is 0-1, 6.20 in his last four starts (under 2-0-1 last three).

    Moore is 2-0, 1.31 in his last three starts (under 4-1 last five).

    Toronto won seven of last nine games with Tampa Bay (over 2-1-1); Blue Jays won seven of last ten games (over 4-1 last five). Rays won seven of last 11 (under 6-3-2).

    Royals @ Twins
    Ventura is 2-0, 3.80 in his last four starts (over 2-2).

    Milone is 1-1, 11.81 in his last three starts (over 2-1).

    Royals are 8-4 in last 12 games with Minnesota (under 7-0-2 last nine); they won last four games overall (under 6-2-1). Twins won five of their last eight games (under 6-2); they’ve been eliminated from Wild Card race.

    Angels @ Rangers
    Richards is 2-0, 3.32 in his last three starts (over 3-1 last four).

    Texas won last nine Hamels starts (3-0, 3.79 last three; over is 5-0-1 in last six).

    Angels won eight of last 12 games with Texas (under 5-1 last six); Halos won nine of their last 11 games (under 4-3-1 last seven). Texas won seven of its last twelve games (over 8-5-1 last fourteen).

    Tigers @ White Sox
    Norris is 0-1, 7.03 in his last six starts (over 4-1-1).

    Montas allowed six runs in three IP (72 PT) in his first MLB start.

    White Sox lost six of last 11 games with Detroit (under 5-1 last six); they’ve lost seven of last 11 games overall (under 9-3 last 12). Tigers lost six of their last seven games (under 8-4 last twelve).

    A’s @ Mariners
    Bassitt is 0-4, 7.14 in his last four starts (over 3-0 last three).

    Nuno is 0-2, 9.24 in his last three starts (over 6-1 last seven).

    Oakland lost five of last seven games with Seattle (over 6-2 last eight); A’s won last three games overall (over 9-1-1 last 11). Mariners lost nine of last ten games (over 7-5 in last twelve games).

    Astros @ Diamondbacks

    McCullers is 1-2, 3.79 in his last three starts (under 4-1 last five).

    Ray is 2-1, 2.91 in his last four starts (under 8-3 last 11).

    Houston has one-game lead in Wild Card race; they won six of last seven games with Arizona (over 4-2 last six). D’backs won five of last eight games (under 5-2 in last seven). Astros won six of last seven games (over 5-3-1 last nine).

    Win-loss records this year for team with this starting pitcher:
    Mia-Phil– Conley 8-2; Buchanan 3-11
    Cin-Pitt– Smith 1-5; Happ 14-16/7-3
    Wsh-NY– Roark 4-7; deGrom 19-10
    StL-Atl– Lackey 17-15 Lynn 17-13; Miller 10-32 (0-8 last 8) Wisler 8-10
    Chi-Mil– Haren 16-15/6-4; Lopez 1-0
    SD-LA– bullpen x-x; Kershaw 19-13
    Col-SF– Bergman 1-2; Cain 4-6

    NY-Balt– Pineda 15-11; Tillman 14-16
    Bos-Clev– Porcello 13-14; Salazar 17-12
    Tor-TB– Buehrle 17-13; Moore 4-7
    LA-Tex– Richards 18-13; Hamels 19-12
    KC-Min– Cueto 14-17/3-9; Nolasco 6-1
    Det-Chi– Norris 7-5/5-2; Montas 0-1
    A’s-Sea– Bassitt 3-9; Nuno 4-5

    Hst-Az– McCullers 9-12; Ray 7-15

    Times this starting pitcher allowed a run in first inning:
    Mia-Phil– Conley 0-10; Buchanan 4-14
    Cin-Pitt– Smith 2-6; Happ 10-30
    Wsh-NY– Roark 4-11; deGrom 8-29
    StL-Atl– Lackey 9-32 Lynn 10-30; Miller 8-32 (3-3 last 3) Wisler 9-18
    Chi-Mil– Haren 5-31; Lopez 0-1
    SD-LA– bullpen x-x; Kershaw 7-32
    Col-SF– Bergman 2-3; Cain 5-10

    NY-Balt– Pineda 8-26; Tillman 6-30
    Bos-Clev– Porcello 6-27; Salazar 7-29
    Tor-TB– Buehrle 15-30; Moore 6-11
    LA-Tex– Richards 7-31; Hamels 9-31
    KC-Min– Cueto 9-31; Nolasco 0-7
    Det-Chi– Norris 5-12; Montas 1-1
    A’s-Sea– Bassitt 4-12; Nuno 6-9

    Hst-Az– McCullers 7-21; Ray 4-22

    Mia-Phil– Six of last seven Reyburn games stayed under.
    Wsh-NY– Last six Wolf games went over the total.
    Col-SF– Last three Torres games stayed under total.
    Cin-Pitt– Seven of last eight TWelke games went over.
    StL-Atl– Over is 9-5 in last 14 Kellogg games. Underdogs won six of last nine Porter games.
    Chi-Mil– Over is 7-3-1 in last eleven Hernandez games.
    SD-LA– Under is 5-2-1 in last eight Iassogna games.

    Tor-TB– Home side won nine of last 12 Marquez games.
    NY-Balt– Underdogs are 7-4 in last eleven Wegner games.
    Bos-Clev– Eight of last ten Davidson games went over.
    Det-Chi– Whitson is a rookie umpire; I’ve got nothing on him.
    LA-Tex– Seven of last nine Cederstrom games went over.
    KC-Min– Five of last seven Knight games went over total.
    A’s-Sea– Five of last seven Estabrook games went over.

    Hst-Az– Under is 5-3 in last eight Blaser games.



    100* Marlins -125

    100* White Sox -115



    Baseball Crusher
    Cleveland Indians -155
    over Boston Red Sox
    (System Record: 85-4, won last game)
    Overall Record: 85-83-3

    Atlanta Braves + St. Louis Cardinals – OVER 7.5

    Detroit Tigers + Chicago White Sox – OVER 8.5

    Miami Marlins -125 over Philadelphia Phillies



    Cleveland (-155) 5* 3:10 ET



    Baltimore -105 3* 3:05 Eastern

    Chairman’s Play
    Houston -140 5* 3:10 Eastern



    ** Los Angeles Angels (Richards) +117 over TEXAS RANGERS (Hamels): 2 Stars
    12:05 PM Pacific Rotation: 965
    Play at +100 or better.

    ** NEW YORK METS (deGrom) -150 over Washington Nationals (Roark): 2 Stars
    12:10 PM Pacific Rotation: 962
    Play at -165 or better.

    ** Kansas City Royals (Cueto) -146 over MINNESOTA TWINS (Nolasco ): 2 Stars
    12:10 PM Pacific Rotation: 975
    Play at -160 or better.


    Tom Franklin’s SPORTSMASTERS

    5 Unit Total Play · Under [971] Toronto Blue Jays vs. [972] Tampa Bay Rays
    Sun Oct 4th, 2015 3:10pm EDT

    5 Unit Side Play · [975] Kansas City Royals
    un Oct 4th, 2015 3:10pm EDT

    5 Unit Total Play · Under [975] Kansas City Royals vs. [976] Minnesotta Twins
    Sun Oct 4th, 2015 3:10pm EDT



    Play Seattle -140 over Oakland—Top Play
    Chris Bassitt has lost 9 of the last 14 games when the total posted is between 7 and 8.5 runs and he has lost 10 of the last 16 games when pitching in the 2nd half of the season. Chris Bassitt has lost 5 of the last 6 day games and he has lost 6 of the last 9 games vs. division opponents.



    Play Miami -125 over Philadelphia (MLB Bonus Play)

    Play St. Louis -135 over Atlanta GAME 1 (MLB Bonus Play)



    UNDER – yankees



    Scren Shot Sunday

    Reds @ Pirates — Pittsburgh needs to win to clinch a home game against the Cubs in the NL Wild Card. They can still play a home with a Cubs loss, but they’d rather take care of it themselves. J.A. Happ is 6-2 with a 2.04 ERA over his last ten starts for Pittsburgh. He had 10 strikeouts in Cincinnati back on September 9th which resulted in a 5-4 Pittsburgh win. Cincinnati’s Josh Smith’s last outing in Pittsburgh was a rough one. He gave up 4 runs and three hits in three innings back on June 23rd. I’d only look at the Pirates in this game, but the -225 price tag is too high for me.

    Cubs @ Brewers — Chicago’s Dan Haren is 5-6 with a 4.13 ERA in 16 road starts this season. Haren has lost just once to the Brewers in five career starts. Milwaukee has scored just 2 runs in their last three games, and they haven’t been the same since Ryan Braun went out. I lean to the Cubs (-150) in this game.

    Nationals @ Mets — The Mets don’t have anything to play for other than trying to get win number 90 and snapping a 5-game losing streak. Jacob deGrom figures to be in for a little bit as they get him ready for Game 1 of the NLDS. deGrom’s last home start was a rough one; he lost to the Marlins in a game in which he allowed 6 runs and 10 hits. He should pitched much better here, so I lean to the Mets (-150).

    Angels @ Rangers — The most intriguing game of the day is in Texas. Cole Hamels looks to push the Rangers into an AL West championship. He’s 12-8 with a 3.72 ERA and 1.22 WHIP in 31 starts. The southpaw has won three straight starts, and he will be facing the Angels for just the second time. Garrett Richards will make his first ever start off just three days of rest. In his last three outings against the Rangers, he has allowed 5 runs and 14 hits in three LA wins. I lean Under 8.5 (+100) in this game.

    Yankees @ Orioles — The Yankees are looking for homefield in the AL Wild Card game, so this game in Baltimore is ultra important. Michael Pineda has been a mixed bag against the Orioles. He struck out 16 back in May at home, but he followed that up a month later with an 11-3 loss in Baltimore; he allowed 6 runs and nine hits in just over four innings. Chris Tillman has been a disappointment for Baltimore, posting a 4.83 ERA. I like Over 8 (-105) in this game.


    SB Professor Original MLB Picks

    Atlanta +127

    Milwaukee +128

    Baltimore +131

    Tampa Bay +128

    Arizona +138

    Minnesota +157

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