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    StatFox Super Situations™ – FoxSheets


    Play Against – Home teams (ST LOUIS) with a good bullpen that converts on 75%+ of their save opportunities against opponent with a starting pitcher who is winless after 5 or more starts
    114-107 since 1997. ( 51.6% | 55.0 units )
    5-9 this year. ( 35.7% | -3.6 units )

    StatFox Situational Power Trends™ – FoxSheets

    KANSAS CITY is 67-38 (+30.1 Units)
    against the money line vs. AL teams allowing 4.2 or less runs/game on the season over the last 2 seasons.
    The average score was: KANSAS CITY (4.3) , OPPONENT (3.6)


    2015 Baseball Information

    National League
    Pirates @ Cubs

    Burnett is 1-0, 4.50 in his last three starts (over 6-1 last seven).

    Arrieta is 9-0, 0.84 in his last ten starts (under 5-0 last five).

    Pirates lost three of last five games against Chicago (under 7-3 last ten); they won last eight games overall, scoring 47 runs (under 6-2 last eight). Cubs lot their last three games (under 5-1 last six); they’re in playoffs, too.

    Phillies @ Nationals
    Harang is 1-1, 6.18 in his last five starts (over 5-0 last five).

    Gonzalez is 2-1, 2.74 in his last four starts (over 8-2 last ten).

    Phillies lost nine of last 12 games with Washington; four of last six went over total. Philly lost nine of last 11 games (under 6-2 last eight). Nationals lost four of last five games, scoring 12 runs (over 6-3-1 last ten).

    Braves @ Marlins
    Miller is 0-7, 6.08 in his last seven starts (over 3-1 last four).

    Koehler is 2-1, 3.24 in his last four starts (over 3-1).

    Atlanta lost last six games with Miami (over 6-2-1 last nine); Braves won five of last eight games (under 5-4 last nine). Marlins won their last four games (over 6-3 last nine).

    Mets @ Reds
    deGrom is 1-2, 5.32 in his last four starts (over 5-1 last six).

    Sampson is 1-3, 8.88 in his last six starts (over 5-1 last six).

    Mets clinched NL East yesterday; they won 11 of last 13 games with Reds; last four series games went over. New York won last three games, scoring 28 runs; six of last seven went over total. Reds lost their last seven games (over 9-3 last twelve).

    Dodgers @ Rockies
    Wood is 1-1, 1.26 in his last two starts (under 5-2 last seven).

    Rusin is 0-2, 10.38 in his last three starts (over 3-1 last four).

    Rockies lost five of last seven games, allowing 53 runs; seven of last 11 went over the total. Colorado won seven of last ten games against the Dodgers. LA is 2-6 in last eight games not started by Greinke/Kershaw; four of their last six games overall went over the total.

    Brewers @ Cardinals
    Cravy is 0-5, 9.00 in his last five starts (under 3-2).

    Lackey is 2-0, 1.29 in his last three starts (over 6-3 last nine).

    Milwaukee lost nine of last eleven games with St Louis (over 4-2-1 in last seven). Brewers lost nine of last 12 games (under 3-1-1 last five). Cardinals won six of last seven games (under 4-2-1 last seven).

    Diamondbacks @ Padres
    Godley is 4-1, 3.38 in his five MLB starts (over 3-2).

    Shields is 3-0, 4.12 in his last three starts (over 10-0 last ten).

    San Diego won five of last eight games with Arizona; five of last seven in series went over the total. D’backs lost three of last four games;four of last six went over total. Padres won four of last six games; six of their last eight games went over the total.

    American League
    White Sox @ Bronx

    Johnson is 3-0, 3.52 in his four starts (over 2-1-1).

    Severino is 4-1, 3.06 in his last six starts.

    White Sox lost nine of last 11 games with Bronx; four of last seven series games went over the total. Chicago is 4-7 in last 11 games; six of last seven stayed under. New York won five of its last eight games; under is 10-3 in their last thirteen games.

    Rays @ Blue Jays
    Andriese is 2-1, 2.91 in his last four starts, last of which was July 7; five of his last six starts went over the total.

    Buehrle is 0-1, 6.28 in his last three starts; over is 7-3 in his last ten.

    Toronto won five of its last six games with Tampa Bay (under 7-2-1 last ten); Jays are 7-3 in last ten games (under 6-3 last nine). Rays won four of last seven games overall (under is 9-5 last 14 games).

    Twins @ Tigers
    Santana is 4-1, 1.50 in his last five starts; over is 5-3-1 in his last nine.

    Wolf is 0-2, 8.50 in his last four starts; under is 5-3-1 in his last nine.

    Twins lost three of last four games with Detroit (over 4-3-1 last eight); they lost seven of last 11 games overall (under 5-3 last eight). Detroit won seven of last 11 games (over 6-4 last ten).

    Orioles @ Red Sox
    Jiminez is 3-0, 3.80 in his last four starts (over 5-3 in last eight).

    Owens is 1-1, 2.66 in his last three starts (over 7-2 in his MLB starts).

    Baltimore lost last three games with Boston (over 5-4 last eight), getting shut out by Boston last two days. Orioles won five of last nine games overall (under 3-1-1 last five). Red Sox lost three of last five games; six of their last seven stayed under.

    Indians @ Royals
    Salazar is 1-2, 5.09 in his last four starts (under 4-1 last five).

    Young is 1-2, 5.11 in his last five starts (under 4-1-2 in last seven); this is his first start since July 27.

    Royals are 3-5 in last eight games; seven of their last nine games went over the total. Cleveland won five of last seven games vs KC; three of last five stayed under. Indians are 5-3 in last eight games; over is 5-3-1 in their last nine.

    Rangers @ Astros
    Perez is 1-2, 5.73 in his last four starts (under 5-2 last seven).

    Keuchel is 1-2, 6.38 in his last three starts (over 5-1 in his last six).

    Rangers won eight of last nine games with Houston- over is 4-0-1 in last five. Texas won ten of last 13 games overall– over is 9-1-1 in last 11. Astros are 4-8 in their last twelve games; over is 7-3-1 in their last eleven.

    Mariners @ Angels
    Iwakuma is 4-1, 2.01 in his last five starts (under 3-1 last four).

    Weaver is 0-2, 6.97 in his last two starts (under 3-1 last four).

    Angels are 7-4 in last 11 games with Seattle (over 5-3-1 last nine). Mariners are 2-5 in last seven games (over 5-2). Angels won seven of their last nine (over four of last six). games overall

    Giants @ A’s

    Heston is 0-3, 4.63 in his last five starts (under 3-1 last four).

    Nolin is 1-1, 4.57 in his four starts (under 3-1)

    Giants won five of last seven games with Oakland; under is 4-4-2 in last ten games in series. A’s are 4-8 in last 12 games; six of last seven Oakland games went over total. Giants lost five of their last eight games (over 4-0 last four).

    Win-loss records this year for team with this starting pitcher:
    Pitt-Chi– Burnett 13-11; Arrieta 23-8 (15-1 last 16)
    Phil-Wsh– Harang 10-17; Gonzalez 15-13
    Atl-Mia– Miller 10-21 (0-7 last 7); Koehler 13-16
    NY-Cin– deGrom 18-10; Sampson 3-6 (0-4 last 4)
    LA-Col– Wood 12-19/4-6; Rusin 6-13
    Mil-StL– Cravy 0-6; Lackey 17-14
    Az-SD– Godley 4-1; Shields 16-16 (3-0 last 3)

    TB-Tor– Andreise 4-3; Buehrle 16-13 (0-3 last 3)
    Chi-NY– Johnson 3-1; Severino 5-4
    Min-Det– Santana 8-7 (5-1 last 6); Wolf 2-4
    Balt-Bos– Jimenez 16-13; Owens 3-5
    Cle-KC– Salazar 17-11; Young 10-6
    Tex-Hst– Perez 7-5; Keuchel 21-10
    Sea-LA– Iwakuma 11-7 (11-3 last 14); Weaver 10-14

    SF-A’s– Heston 15-14 (1-7 last 8); Nolin 2-2

    Times this starting pitcher allowed a run in first inning:
    Pitt-Chi– Burnett 6-24; Arrieta 4-31
    Phil-Wsh– Harang 10-27; Gonzalez 2-28
    Atl-Mia– Miller 7-31; Koehler 8-29
    NY-Cin– deGrom 8-28; Sampson 5-9
    LA-Col– Wood 10-31; Rusin 8-19 (4 of last 5)
    Mil-StL– Cravy 1-5; Lackey 9-31
    Az-SD– Godley 1-5; Shields 11-32 (4 of last 4)

    TB-Tor– Andreise 0-7; Buehrle 14-29
    Chi-NY– Johnson 0-4; Severino 2-9
    Min-Det– Santana 2-15; Wolf 2-6
    Balt-Bos– Jimenez 8-29; Owens 3-8
    Cle-KC– Salazar 7-28; Young 1-16
    Tex-Hst– Perez 2-12; Keuchel 5-31
    Sea-LA– Iwakuma 4-18; Weaver 7-24

    SF-A’s– Heston 6-29; Nolin 1-4

    Pitt-Chi– Four of last five Drake games went over.
    Phil-Wsh– Under is 6-3-1 in last ten BWelke games.
    NY-Cin– Underdogs are 14-9 in last 23 TBarrett games.
    Atl-Mia– Favorites are 15-5-in last twenty Bellino games.
    Mil-StL– Under is 12-6-1 in last nineteen May games.
    LA-Col– Home side won all three Scheurwater games.
    Az-SD– Three of last four Johnson games went over.

    Chi-NY– Six of last seven O’Nora games stayed under.
    TB-Tor– Three of last four Culbreth games went over.
    Balt-Bos– Underdogs won two of three Torres games.
    Min-Det– Five of last six Fagan games went over total.
    Cle-KC– Last four Hickox games went over the total.
    Tex-Hst– Under is 4-1-1 in last six Carapazza games.
    Sea-LA– Six of last seven Hudson games stayed under.

    SF-A’s– Last five Wolf games went over (underdogs 4-0 last four)..



    Baseball Crusher
    Cleveland Indians -117
    over KC Royals
    (System Record: 83-3, lost last 2 games)
    Overall Record: 83-79-3

    Chicago White Sox + New York Yankees – UNDER 8.5

    Detroit Tigers + Minnesota Twins – OVER 9

    San Diego Padres + Arizona Diamondbacks – UNDER 7.5



    Indians – TT Over 4 (-115)

    Red Sox – TT Over 4 (-120)

    Braves – TT Over 3.5 (-105)

    Atlanta Braves (+100)



    New York Yankees ML

    Toronto Blue Jays ML



    Toronto -169 2* 1:05 Eastern


    Paul Shinoba Sports Consulting

    Texas Rangers +210 over Houston Astros

    Boston Red Sox EV over Baltimore Orioles

    Arizona Diamondbacks/San Diego Padres – Over 7.5 runs



    Play Chicago Cubs -215 over Pittsburgh—Top Play

    Jake Arrieta has won 36 of the last 51 games when pitching as a favorite of -110 or higher and he has won 48 of the last 81 night games. Jake Arrieta has won 37 of the last 65 home games and he has won 19 of the last 30 games vs. division opponents.

    ================================================== ======


    Play St. Louis -230 over Milwaukee (MLB Bonus Play)

    Play New York Yankees -190 over Chicago White Sox (MLB Bonus Play)



    Over – Blue Jays



    7-Unit. Cincinnati Reds ML



    Astros – F5 -.5 -150

    Rays/Blue Jays – F5 Over 4.5 -115






    LA Angels -115



    100* Angels -120

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