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    2-Unit Play. Take ‘Over’ 193.0
    Charlotte at Miami
    (8 p.m., Wednesday, April 27)



    Miami Heat- 5.5
    ‘Triple dime-bet’

    warriors /rockets
    UNDER 212.5
    ‘Double dime-bet’



    1000* OVER – portland / clippers



    3-Unit Play. Take #576 Miami (-6)
    over Charlotte
    (8 p.m., Wednesday, April 27)
    This is a series of home court advantage. Neither team has proven that they can win a game on the opposing teams home floor, and that will continue tonight. The Heat will be rejuvinated playing in Miami and they will run away with this game just as they did Games 1 & 2. Look for the Heat to be a completely different squad than we saw in the two previous games. DWade will play considerably better on his home floor and the Heat will coast. This will also be a much higher scoring game, which plays right in to the Heat’s hands. Lay the number in this one.

    4-Unit Play. Take #577 Portland (-2.5)
    over L.A. Clippers
    (10 p.m., Wednesday, Apri, 27)
    The Blake Griffin injury won’t have much of an effect on this series. It is the Chris Paul injury that is so crushing to the Clips. Paul was the best player on this team for his skills and his leadership. He was the coach on the floor and he had the ability to keep his team in games and win them games. Now the Blazers have all the confidence in the world and the home court won’t work miracles for LA. Portland wins this game easily.



    7-Unit Play. Take ‘Over’ 195.5
    Portland at L.A. Clippers

    (10 p.m., Wednesday, April 27)
    I have been firmly on record as saying that Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are two of the more overhyped, overrated players in the NBA. Is Los Angeles better without them? No. But can they still win this series without them? Absolutely. I think that the Clippers are going to rally today without their two “stars” and I expect this team to max out. Everyone on this team knows they need to be more aggressive offensively without two of their highest scoring players and I think that’s going to lead to a lot more attacking from the Clippers. I mean, more Jamal Crawford is just fun for the whole family and I can see that guy going off for 30 tonight. I also think the Clippers are going to turn to Paul Pierce more tonight and that guy is a proven postseason commodity. On the other side, the Clips may be forced to play more with Austin Rivers and Pablo Pirgioni at the point. Neither one of those guys can defend at all and that should open up the scoring for the Blazers backcourt. We missed with the ‘over’ on Sunday in yet another game where the Clippers shot like $%it. At some point they are going to start to make some 3’s. I think that will be tonight. We haven’t had a single high-scoring game in this series, which features two Top 10 offenses. They’ve gone ‘under’ in every game and now the total is 15 points lower than where it started in Game 1. Everyone and their sister is betting this game ‘under’ without Paul and Griffin. Absolutely the only way to play this one is the other way.

    5-Unit Play. Take ‘Over’ 212.0
    Houston at Golden State
    (10:30 p.m., Wednesday, April 27)
    The Warriors have basically been playing without Steph Curry for this entire series. He only played 19 minutes in Game 1 and they still scored 104 points at home. In Game 2 the Warriors played without him and scored 121 points. Yeah, they were held to just 96 points without him in Game 3. But in Game 4 they were without Curry in the second half and scored 65 points in one half. The Warriors offense is going to be fine without Curry. And Houston is in desperation mode so they should be aggressive as well. Houston is a laughing stock with the way they are playing as a team. The amount that this team hates each other is astronomical and James Harden appears to be the most overrated player this side of Camelo Anthony. The Rockets are mess but that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to score. So look from them to put up a big number this evening. The same can be said for Golden State because without Curry they are a lesser version of themselves but they can really put the ball in the basket. It will be a very large surprise if this game doesn’t turn into a track meet so take the over and watch the Warriors close them out.

    Carpe diem. Good luck.

Viewing 5 posts - 46 through 50 (of 50 total)
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