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    Money Magnet

    65 Nashville Pred. +140 & Over 5 -120

    71 Chicago Blackhawks +105 & Under 5 -115



    NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs
    [email protected] Blues



    6-Unit Play. Take #66 Anaheim (-160)
    over Nashville
    (10:35 p.m., Friday, Apr. 16)
    Anaheim has a chip on their shoulder after being bounced in last years playoff and are bringing the number one defense, the best power play and the top penalty kill in the NHL! The Ducks have only progressed as the season has gone forward and are now playing better than anyone in the NHL as a whole. Anaheim is 6-0 in their last 6 Conference Quarterfinals games and see no reason as to why this would change tonight. The Ducks also love playing on their home ice where they have a 25-10-2 record. Remember, this is the same team that only won one game in October. Unlike last season, this Ducks team looks like a championship team set to take the West. Nashville on the other hand is 5-4-0-1 in their last ten games and haven’t been playing their best hockey. The Predator’s have also been atrocious on the road as of late. They are now 1-6 in their last seven games. The home team in this match-up is 4-0 in their last four meeting and the Ducks have the more complete team with more depth on their bench. They also have the better goal tender in this series. Take Anaheim at home tonight.

    3-Unit Play. Take #67 Detroit (+140)
    over Tampa Bay
    (7:05 p.m., Friday, Apr. 16)

    Best of Luck – Strike Point Sports


    Scott Rickenback

    *10* Div *GAME OF THE YEAR* (6-0 Run!)
    Chicago Blackhawks ML



    Chicago Blackhawks +105
    First I need to preface that I don’t follow hockey at all so take this analysis for what it’s worth. But I think Chicago has a strong shot to win tonight. No, it’s not for the fact that Chicago is getting Keith back and the Blues were fortunate to grab game 1 on a lucky bounce. It’s simply for this archaic way of thinking by STL head coach Ken Hitchcock as he talked about his team’s “strategy” of registering 70 hits in game 2: “We’re going to have to get into the 70s if we expect to win”. When I heard this coach’s silly notion that “more hits leads to a better chance of winning”, I immediately bet on the Blackhawks. Clearly Hitchcock isn’t very well versed on what wins NHL games. You can find plenty of articles on-line about this, but “Hits” actually leads to an “r” coefficient of -.021 when it comes to winning games. What that basically means is that the correlation between getting Hits on opponents and winning is a slightly inverse one. Teams that have more hits in a game than their opponent win less. It’s as simple as that! So what has the most effect? Well, puck-possession is one of the best measures of winning games. Here was Quenneville’s response when he heard Hitchcock’s comment: “I hope there’s some validity to it. I hope he tries to go to 70, it means we got the puck the whole (game).”. No shit! (pardon my French). If St Louis’ focus is on accumulating hits, that means that Chicago is possessing the puck much more, thus creating more chances and at the same time preventing their opponent from creating theirs. Game 1 showed me that Chicago is much better at possessing the puck and creating chances than the Blues. In that game Chicago had a Corsi% of 55% (5v5) to STL’s 45% of course. If the Blues are focused on ‘hitting’ tonight, then I’d expect the same possession-differential in game 2, which should once again favor the Blackhawks. Bottom line is that when hockey ‘expert’ says that “Physicality via ‘hits’ leads to wins”, it’s the same as a football ‘expert’ saying silly things like “Establishing the ‘run’ is the most important thing in the NFL game”. In both instances you should ‘fade’ that approach, and you’ll come ahead more often than not.



    Steam Rot#: 65
    Team: Nashville
    Line: +140

    Steam Rot#: 69
    Team: NY Islanders
    Line: +163

    Steam Rot#: 69
    Team: NY Islanders/Florida
    OVER Line: 5



    6* Chicago Blackhawks ML



    ISLANDERS -ML +140






    8-Unit Play. Take #71 Chicago +100
    over St Louis
    (Friday, April 15th at 8:05 p.m.)
    Champions have a lot of fight and they don’t allow their reign to end easily. The Blackhawks came out in the first game of the series and showed why they are champions. They played really good hockey and outshot the Blues 35-18. Unfortunately for the ‘Hawks, none of their shots hit the back of the net and the Blues now have a 1-0 series lead. However, you can throw that game out of the window as it has no bearing on tonight’s action. Having said that, the way the “champs” played was encouraging for all Blackhawks’ fans. They played with emotion, they skated well, they forechecked, they did everything except get the win. St. Louis earned the home ice advantage during the regular season and they were successful in defending it in game 1 vs the defending champs. That won’t be the case tonight. Champions know how to win in difficult situations and that’s exactly what the ‘Hawks are facing tonight. This Blues’ team has yet to get over the hump in the playoffs. In fact, they have lost in the first round in each of the last two seasons and they have only advanced past the conference quarterfinals once since 2002.

    The heart of a champion will be on display tonight. Kane and company will get the win in St Louis and it could very well be a convincing win.

    Take Chicago.



    7* Anaheim Ducks ML-160

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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