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Plunder the Under in the Following NFL Week Nine Games

Most people gravitate towards the marquee matchups to make money.  After all, what could be more exciting than winning  sawbuck or more on the Packers and Panthers.  However, do not be fooled into thinking that only the top tier teams have the profit potential at A1 Service Plays.  Futility makes us just as much money as those that have become proficient in 2015.  So without any further ado, let us see what teams to plunder the under on this Sunday.

California Crash

Not since Lex Luthor planned to sink California into the sea has a city gone downhill so fast.  The 49ers convinced themselves that Jim Harbaugh was the problem and let him go his merry way.  Now he is excelling at the University of Michigan and San Fran has to bench Colin.  Blaine Gabbert is now the starter for a team that knows it is nowhere near contention.  Atlanta visits them on Sunday at 4PM and is going through their own offensive woes.  Turnovers killed them against the Bucs so they will be extra cautious in this game.  The total has gone from 45 1/2 to 44 but there is still room to board this train to profit.  As we say at A1, plunder the under in this one.

Homeward Bound

Peyton and his visit to the franchise he helped elevate is on the mouths of the casual fan.  However, we are in the business of making money and few units have profited us more than the Denver defense.  If they can handle Aaron when he is on a roll then imagine the level of mincemeat that the Colts will be reduced to.  Not only that but we have pep in our step with the hiring of Hamilton as the new Indy offensive cordinator.  Awesome sport for Denver and the spread but the real gem is the under 45 1/2.  Wager accordingly.

Good fortune to these A1 Service Plays free picks and stay with us all season long in our forums where the best give you their advice on the winners each and every Sunday.

Posted by Wise Guy