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Service Plays : Key Theories Come to an End?

Service plays from the experts in college football are the most has needed since the tidal wave struck football last weekend.  The Ohio State scare started a series of coincidences that took the betting public by shock. Alabama losing to Ole Miss made headlines but was quickly usurped by all the large ML favorites going down to defeat in the NFL.  Now by the nature of probability and statistics, a semblance will be achieved.  However, where are the soft spots in which bankrolls will sink.  Let us examine these weekend’s action with two theories put forth my the industry experts for our A1 Service Play readers.

Service Plays : College Teams Going East

Even linesmakers muddle the boundary between the professional and collegiate ranks.  It is true that the pros have put to rest most of the factors that made traveling east of the 1pm game almost insurmountable.  The college programs are not to that level and there are two games on the docket that really reflect this.  Check out the live lines section to get the latest info at this on quality betting sites like America’s Bookie.  A lot of the touts out there are riding the Cavilers into the sunset by getting +3 at home over a declining program like Boise State.  BYU also falls into this category as not only distance but missing their star quarterback is not enough to over come -5 on the home Michigan squad.  Invest in this trend and see a rebound to your bankroll immediately.

0-2 Teams Must Have Equal Talent

0-2 is a favorite place to overly entrench your wagers on certain teams.  Look at the Giants -3 against the Redskins.  Here is where effort will keep you short.  Trying extra hard only tends to increase and not eliminate mental mistakes.  The Giants made blunders in both games.  Washington has ball control, two quality running backs, and a shutdown corner to deal with Odell.  Keep banking with that 0-2 overcome the world theory and watch you get broken.  The money that is smart will flow to Washington.

Invest now and top off those accounts to make the rebound moves today  By seeking quality information and selections from the industry at A1serviceplays, one can gain perspective outside themselves. Increase your expectation and make the decisive move by book marking our site right way.  Good fortune and we will check in later with more exclusive theories to wager upon here at A1 Service Plays.

Posted by Wise Guy