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Service Plays Provide Extra Layer of Information on Astros vs Yankees 10/6

One of the appealing aspects of Service Plays is that the writeups that sometimes accompany them contain nuggets of information we might miss when conducting our own research. With the Major League Baseball playoffs getting underway, the service plays industry is going into overdrive to get you the winning edge of the Astros (-111) at the Yankees (+101).  We have organized the key aspects common to their thought patterns and refined it to the following.  See why service plays from sites like Gameadvisers have value besides the potential for winning picks they provide.

Pros and Cons of Keuchel

Besides having a bountiful season, Dallas Keuchel has shown mastery over the Yankees.  New York has not one run against him in over sixteen innings.  This and his gaudy numbers would get most people to take a bit before peeling back the rind to see the fruit underneath.  In fact, the two major dimensions of his particular appearance this evening at 8PM in New York more than counter the pros.  His record record is a pale shady compared to the undefeated stats he posts when playing at Houston.  If this is not enough, this is the first time that he has had to throw on three days rest.  Where does this all lead and why is it that the underdog Yankees is the pick here?


Here is how his system will most likely attack the situation.  He will get way up for this and over excitement leads to pitches thrown slightly faster but higher than they normally arrive at the plate.  When the adrenaline wears off, the pop on the fast ball will be gone.  Finally with no road map to lead him, his lack of experience in the post season will cripple Houston.  Tanaka has had plenty of playoff experience overseas and will not demonstrate the same ups and downs today

This is how one would handle the nuggets of information that come with the service plays.  You can extend the logical process and deduce the most likely course of action the AL Wild Card will take tonight.  Good fortune on our Free Pick of the underdog Yankees and we will see you next time here at A1ServicePlays.

Posted by Wise Guy