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Why Betting Props Is So Popular

Why Betting Props Is So Popular

We often get asked, why is betting props so popular. As always, we’re here to help.

The task of picking winners day in and day out can sometimes feel daunting. When you lose a few in a row, it’s tough to get excited about finding that great value bet.

What you can get excited about are prop bets. Popularized by Super Bowls over the past decade or so, prop bets are great because they are not tied to the outcome of a game.


You’ve probably participated in a prop bet and didn’t even know. “I’ll bet you $10 I sink this putt or $20 if I make this 3-pointer.” Each of these bets has no bearing on the final result of your golf outing or your basketball game. 

Through the years, the props bet market has grown branching out into all of the major sports. Bettors can find prop bets on just about everything and, at some sportsbooks, can even request their own.

Team Props

You can bet on a variety of team props prior to and during a season. For example, in the NFL you can wager on a team’s total wins. With the Browns total set at 8.5, bettors can bet on Cleveland winning 9 or more games or 8 or fewer.

These win totals prop bets are available for all the major sports. You can also bet team props on individual games. A popular NFL team prop is simply which team will score first?

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Betting Player Props

Player props are associated with individual players’ performances. Again, the outcome of the game has no bearing on the bet. Popular NBA player prop bets include betting on a player’s point total for a game like the one seen below.

LeBron James Over 26 (-120)

Under 26 (-110)

Use Betting Props as a Hedge

Betting props is a popular way of gaining a positive outcome after making a shaky betting decision. When you bet on an NFL team against the spread and it’s announced a star player will not play, you can find a player or team prop bet that has some value and reduce the risk on your first bet and, in some cases, gain a profit. 

Betting Props – Just Plain Fun

The bottom line is that betting props in any sport are just plain fun. Placing a bet on a player to score over 30 points in an NBA game or throw for more than three touchdowns in an NFL game makes the game all the more fun to watch.

It also adds another element to your trash talk amongst friends. When you correctly bet on a certain NFL quarterback to throw three or more touchdown passes and he comes through with four, the “I told you so’s” can’t come out of your mouth any faster. 

The newest craze in the sports betting world is live betting. Now, you can bet props in real time. While watching your NFL game, you can wager on the very next play and whether it will be a run or a pass.

If you aren’t betting props, you should be. They are extremely fun, can be profitable, and make for a good hedge against your other wagers.

With the Super Bowl just around the corner, and March Madness taking center stage in a month or so, now is the time to start betting props.

Posted by Joe Berra